Essay Example on the Tourism Industry

Published: 2022-09-01
Essay Example on the Tourism Industry
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The hospitality services are provided in hotels and restaurants where the tourists choose to spend their time during their visit. The guests will in most cases prefer restaurants and agencies that provide the best facilities and also those that respect the culture and values of the visitors (Shi & Liao, 2013). The hospitality industry is a very competitive considering the high number of agencies offering the services. To keep up with the competition, the agencies try to standardize their costs while maintaining the best services for their visitors. The hospitality provided to the visitors in the country prevents them from any physical or health harm through the security provided and also the hygiene of the food offered to them. The hotel rooms are also kept in the right conditions according to the guidelines provided by the authorities governing international hospitality.

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The tourism industry is the largest and fastest growing in the world. The rapid growth is contributed by the proper management of the tourists visiting various destinations in the world. The tourists come from different parts of the world, and they possess' different cultures and values different from those of the people living in the areas that they are visiting. Proper management of the tourism industry is the man contributor to the constant visitation of tourists in a certain attraction site. Tourism management also involves preserving the various tourists' destinations and attraction sites since they are contributing factors to the growth of the tourism industry (Ashwell, 2015). The activities taking place should not in any way cause adverse impacts on the people living in the region or create any form of damage to the various tourist destinations. All the destinations are taken care of by the local authorities in the area.

Proper management of the tourists involves providing efficient and reliable transport facilities to the tourists as they navigate different regions (Marrocu & Paci, 2013). The tourists are also provided with the best security, and the safety measures are also thoroughly inspected by the authorities. Security is boosted by educating the locals on the importance of the tourists visiting their regions and also giving them better hospitality. The destinations sites are also improved concerning quality so that the number of tourists keeps increasing. The tourist's destinations are also adverted through the most convenient methods to ensure that the relevant information reaches the tourists who may be interested in visiting the region. All these activities provide proper management of the tourists visiting different destinations in the world.


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