Free Essay on Sociology of Religion Questions

Published: 2022-04-08
Free Essay on Sociology of Religion Questions
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Question One (1): Lindsay argues that evangelicals have an increasing presence in powerful social and political circles in the United States. Chaves argues that the megachurch phenomenon is not evidence of religious revivalism but merely a shift in demographics. Taken together, how do evangelicals in prominent positions and the proliferation of large churches impact the American perception of evangelicals, in your estimation?

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According to different claims as per the context of the sociology of religion, many evangelicals impact the social phenomenon. Evangelicals in prominent positions and the proliferation of large churches affect the American perception of evangelicals through different ways. In my estimation, the influence of the evangelicals occurs through their affirmation in the traditional Protestant teachings on the historicity and authority of the Bible. In the United States, the evangelicalism entails a group of Protestant Christians believing in the importance of being born again. Since evangelism renders its base to the historicity of the teachings, it impacts the American perception of evangelicals through the proliferation of large churches and evangelicals in prominent positions.

Question Two (2): What, in your estimation (utilizing the articles of your choice to support your position) do you think is the main appeal of megachurches?

In consideration of the basic understanding of a megachurch, it involves a congregation with almost two thousand or kore worship attendees in a week. With the review of size, it is an insufficient characterization of its setting under different perspectives. It is a new structural and spiritual organization as they are a collective social phenomenon rather than an individual phenomenon.

In my estimation, the main appeal of megachurches involves the size and the amenities which is the most evident attribute in churches. It is distinctive common characteristic; however, it is one of the best descriptions that render an appeal concerning the setting of the megachurches. In most of the occurrences, the megachurches attain base on their social phenomenon as a result of the large size.

Question Three (3): What are two major impacts that American religion has on American politics?

However, with an evaluation of the involvement of the American religion in the American politics, there are different impacts the belief renders to the political structure and dimension. The two significant implications that American religion has on the American politics entail in the context of human activity. The first impact that belief renders on American politics is the creation of voting blocs where religion influences the people's vote. Secondly, faith impacts American politics as it affects lawmaking or executive order, for example, social practices like abortion.

Question Four (4): Using Woodhead and Griffin, outline firstly two reasons women cite as being the source of their dissatisfaction with traditional religions and secondly, what types of religious movements and experiences they seek instead.

However, with consideration of the details provided by Woodhead and Griffin, their claims concerning the social context of religion about women being the source of their dissatisfaction with traditional faiths deliver varying predicaments. The first reason revolves around the claim that there are changes in women's labor force participation, traditional roles and the efforts to bridge the two. Also, another reason revolves around the involvement where women use their religious beliefs to challenge conventional gender relations and the inequalities in power. Moreover, the women seek other experiences, for instance, the equality and religions that render them as equal to them. Also, they find religious movement aligning to their urges and experiences.

Question Five (5): There are two sides to the "veiling controversy" within Islam. Using Sechzer and any additional resources you feel are appropriate (film clips from class, lecture), outline the two sides.

Concerning Sechzer, he provides the view concerning a historical perspective of the status of the Islamic women about their practices. Within their practices veiling is one of the occurrences that are in the limelight as a result of many issues arising. In the provision of Sechzer, there are two sides to the "veiling controversy" within the Islamic setting. The two sides of the controversy revolving around the predicaments of women veiling themselves. The first side entails Muslim nations increasing social restriction to stopping the women from wearing the veils while the other hand involves organization of Islamic women embracing and accepting the ideology behind veiling themselves.

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