Generation Change Paper Sample

Published: 2022-08-26
Generation Change Paper Sample
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Generational change refers to the gap between the young and old people, also considered as the generational gap which brings differences in opinions on the basis of various issues such as values, the beliefs of people and politics. This gap or change involves the young people and their parents; this is caused by the transition from childhood to adulthood resulting in the younger people separating themselves from, the older generation. This change in generation results to the boomers going against what the old people believed such morals and values and their previous views on a certain genre of music.

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Family life has contributed greatly to the generational change especially on issues of culture and norms. The older generation values culture and they advocate the youth to ensure they don't neglect what they believe even as the fast change in technology. As the young people are trying to break from the old culture and separate themselves from the old people, they have adopted new languages that old people don't understand (Kral, 2014). This makes it very difficult to communicate across because the youth are trying hard to break from the culture that bound as the technology changes over the time. This is one of the major signs that the youth want to segregate from the old people and adopt their new ways where the old people will be left out.

Norms are also involved in the current generation change where they involve the rules which are either spoken or unspoken and belong to a specific culture. These norms normally dictate how members of a family behave regarding how they should talk, dress and act around people. They are bound to place limits on what is allowed and what is not allowed in various situations, they dictate how members of a family act when they are at home or in other different places (Burns, 2017). The young people are breaking from these norms because they are trying to fit within the current society since the advanced technology cannot allow them to continue following the values and norms set for them by their families. Some families are strict and don't understand that some things that they practiced have been passed by time and insist on their children following the paths of their paths. In the process, the youth seeks freedom, and some would go even for the extra mile to look for freedom and break from family norms that bound them.

Another family issue that has contributed to generational change is the issue of parents divorcing, this issue greatly affects the children or the young people emotionally, and this results to changes in behavior. These changes in behaviors may lead to indulgence in drugs as a way of dealing with stress caused by parents divorcing. The children are forced to choose sides when parents break, and this choice becomes very difficult to make, these issues affect the decisions of the minors, and they end up losing contact with parents and separate themselves from their seniors. Some even move away from home or run away because they want to cut themselves off from the old people based on the decisions made by the parents. In the process, the youth are forced or are motivated to do things differently from what their family does in pursuit of having better lives, but some end up engaging in pre-marital sex, drugs and other immoralities (Kral, 2014). Therefore, this causes them to contract deadly diseases and commit crimes because they lacked proper guidance from their guardians. Therefore the increased cases of divorce within families have greatly contributed to the major generational change.

Parents separating have contributed to the majority of the problems the youth or children are going through in the current generation. It could be long term or short term effect due to the change or transition experienced and also the way the parties involved endures the effects that follow them to adulthood. The effects of parent's separation are more adverse in the health of the children especially physically, emotionally and mentally, it also affects the way the children conduct and behaves themselves (Furstenberg, 2014). It also results in peer relations where they join bad companies which ruin their morals and values by engaging in drug use resulting in addiction. Teenage pregnancy is also experienced due to indulgence in early sexual intercourse; this effect affects the children even when they are adults, and they end up blaming their families for putting them in such situations.

They are therefore detached from their parents since they are the main reasons why some had to engage in drug abuse a way of dealing with stress caused by the separation. There are various characteristics of associations that are modest, and this is between parents separating and the effects they have on children. It also involves knowing when a child comes from a family where parents have separated and when a child also comes from families where parents are still together (Dunn, 2016). Children from both situations are exposed to different outcomes depending on what their families are going through. This results in a gap between children and parents since children may seek help or consolation from other places such as the internet, psychiatrists who offer them emotional support when they need help.

Most individuals at the young age group fail to think of their families as having a culture; they end up relating the culture with specific ethnic groups or certain countries. They fail to take family culture seriously as they only think it is just a group of individuals familiar with each other practicing what they are expected to do. Culture is always defined by the way people feel, think, act and judge people or certain situations, the family try as much as possible to mold and bring up their children to ensure they stay in the family culture (Burns, 2017). These cultures guide them on what is wrong and right and also assists them in reflecting their beliefs, family traditions, and values followed by the family. The youth are at a high rate taking for granted the ways of their family by neglecting their cultures and adopting new ones especially with advancement in technology which comes with the youth learning new languages and spending a lot of time using the internet. When the youth take for granted their family cultures, they tend to transfer or move with the new characters or behaviors as well as attitudes they acquired in their childhood to their adulthood.

Some families are involved in issues which results to their children not wanting to repeat the mistakes done by their superiors. In the process, they end up rejecting almost or all the family cultures even though in the process they discover they are not free. Such things or mistakes are done by family members continue to affect the children emotionally and also alter with the way they behave resulting in inequality and difference in opinions. However, with the current generation, families are going through the process of transition, and every person in the family is moving through the cycles of life (Burns, 2017). The families also go through the process of development and they are changed by situations and circumstances such as birth, marriage, death, and divorces, these situations completely alter with family culture.

Most families have values that are meant to set the foundation of the family. They also dictate the way the family members behave in ways such as dressing and treating other people. Some families have very strong values which leave the youth with no choice but to follow and in the process, they look for ways to break from traditions. The patterns of inequality have been made possible to the young people as we continue to advance (Gale & Fahey, 2015). Australia is one of the country's growing rapidly in the form of opportunities and growth in technology. The youth are trying to keep up with heavy use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites, the use of the internet have great impacts and influence on the youth. They can learn new dress codes and learn new languages from the internet, however social media have provided platforms for the youth to socialize with new people and in the process, they have cut themselves off from family, or either has found a replacement. It has become very common to find that the majority of youths with cellphones, they have taken all their concentration and made it difficult to socialize or talk to family members. Social media has destroyed moral values and caused the youth to forget about their traditions.

Family life such as structure have also had a great impact on the welfare of the children in that; research has shown that children that have been raised in various context show different characteristics and outcomes. When children are raised by parents who are loners or single parents, they do not perform well in the most important areas in life such as socializing as compared to their peers who are raised by both parents who are open and social(Dunn, 2016). Most of the children whose parents have underdone separation are average regarding performance especially during the years their parents are in a divorce. They are mentally disturbed, and some of them find it very difficult to cope with the situations. Every family have a tradition practiced by each generation, these traditions guide the family members and built routines that involve activities carried out day in day out. Families are working very hard to maintain traditions and ensure that they are passed from one generation to the next. The youth have found ways of breaking from their traditions through the use of heavy internet which comes with new cultures such change in language and also the way people dress. It has caused demoralization of the cultures.

Remarriage after parents' divorce is also a major problem and a cause for the generation gap between the old and young people. Most parents after divorce choose to move on with new partners, this greatly affects the children, especially where they are forced to choose sides on whether they should choose the mother or the father. In the case where the father chooses to remarry after the divorce, children are affected emotionally in ways where they may not receive the same treatment they used to when the parents were still together. They may fail to accept the new partners depending on the rate the separation affected them; there are common cases where children are mistreated by the step parents and denied their rights as children (Gale & Fahey, 2015). Some are too young to go through such experiences and effects lasts on them for a very long time and causes great emotional effects on them. There are increased cases of children running away from home because of high cases of violence at home; this causes a great rift between parents and children because they feel entirely innocent for going through such experiences and end up putting all the blame on the parents. Remarriage after separation has caused great destruction in the relationships between parents and children because very few cases of children getting along with their new "parents" have worked because most of them are a total failure.

In conclusion, Norms are also involved in the current generation change where they involve the rules which are either spoken or unspoken and belong to a specific culture. The young people are breaking from these norms because they are trying to fit within the current society since the advanced technology cannot allow them to continue following the values and norms set for them by their families. The youth are at a high rate taking for granted the ways of their family by neglecting their cultures and adopting new ones especially with advancement in technology.

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