The Policy of Immigration in USA, Free Essay for Students

Published: 2022-04-26
The Policy of Immigration in USA, Free Essay for Students
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Immigration in America has been part of the legislation from the time the nation was founded. But there is a process that was established by the Congress in 1790 which stated that a person could gain his or her citizenship by birth. However, the government passed the first law of limiting immigration in 1875 due to the spurt of criminals and prostitutes in the country. There is two forms of immigration, temporary and permanent admission. Temporary admission is given to foreigners who come to the nation for precise reasons such as schooling, touring or family visits while permanent entries granted citizenship and allowed to work. From the year 2004, the government has doled out a million admissions both temporary and permanent.

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The policy of immigration in the country reflects several objectives such as reuniting families which are done by admitting members from foreign nations and it has been a cachet of America. Nevertheless, there has been labor shortage which has made the government accept people with different skills to fill positions in occupations especially those who can assimilate into the foreign environment (Wright 229). The country also offers immigration as a way of sheltering people facing risks of religions such as Muslims who are usually dressed in burkas. However, by letting foreigners immigrate in the country, there has been the backlash and a more diverse nation. Also, the citizens are allowed to sponsor their relatives for permanent residence through the program of the family-sponsored preference.

The immigration policy of the United States is believed to be too strict which has caused swarms of immigrants to enter the country illegally. There are several cases where people are coming to the state without following the protocol, and they get married to Americans to attain citizenship. It is believed that to become a citizen of this nation, a person must possess moral character and willingness to kick in the growth of the country. Most of the immigrants find it hard to assimilate as they come from societies with different cultures. However, they are found to be divisive which causes hurdles due to many of them being xenophobia (Wright 230). The policy is also found to be harsh especially to people who are redneck ever since they cannot understand the government and history. Every year, a large number of migrants enter the United States illegally and legally. Employers, on the other hand, have enjoyed cheap labor which has given the citizens hands-off leaving much thinking as they are unwilling to work which is wrong as they have refused to work due to the suppress wage levels.

In conclusion, immigration has become the hurdle in America as swarms from foreign countries are coming in the United States seeking for freedom and job opportunities that can stride their lives. These people are in jobs from the recent Americans causing a lot of suffering to the citizens and overcrowding the nation. It has become harder for the new immigrants to assimilate the Americans society as there is spurt every year. The government has doled out a strict immigration policy to keep off the criminals. Although many people believe a strict policy cause people to come illegally, the country cannot do without it for it can be in more danger than it is now.

Work cited

Wright, Matthew, Morris Levy, and Jack Citrin. "Public attitudes toward immigration policy across the legal/illegal divide: The role of categorical and attribute-based decision-making." Political Behavior 38.1 (2016): 229-253.

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