Bridegroom (2013) Movie Review, Free Essay for Everyone

Published: 2022-03-03 18:24:02
Bridegroom (2013) Movie Review, Free Essay for Everyone
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The Bridegroom is a film inspired by Shane Bitney Crone's trending video, It Could Happen to You which was posted on YouTube. The main characters are Tom and Shane, a young and in love gay couple's documentary movie composed and directed by the prowess storyteller Linda Bloodworth-Thomason. Tom and Shane relocated from their infancy, republican, small townhomes to the great city of Los Angeles (Keener & Massey, 2015). Shane hailed from Montana and Tom was from Indiana. They embarked on a loving relationship after they met, toured the world, co-owned a business and lived together. However, Shane's plans to marry Tom in California after the legislation of the same-sex marriage law takes a tragic direction when his lover of six years accidentally lost his life after falling from the fourth floor of an apartment house, and Tom's Family precludes Shane from attending the funeral.

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Deeply tender and thought infuriating, Bridegroom provides an in-depth look into the harsh impacts of being in an unmarried gay partnership in several parts of America and other parts of the world. Shane is seen documenting his grief and thoughts as he discloses every aspect of his love and how Thomas's family despised him. He was denied the chance to attend the funeral of Tom or any other events that followed despite them living together (Keener & Massey, 2015). Moreover, the other impact is on the right of ownership after a person dies. Despite the fact they had a mortgage and a business together, he had no power to claim on the possession of any property legally. Regardless of the marriage equality activists growing by leaps and bounds, such cases of Shane and Tom showcases the need for legislation of same-sex marriage. The impact of Shane's original movie and the raw it discussed shows the need for the story to be addressed on a world stage.

Based on this film, the societal reactions tends to differ although a majority of individuals do not support same-sex marriage. For instance, the film demonstrates what happened after the accidental death of Tom. It shows that the society has not yet recognized the rights of gay married couples. Shane was completely shut out and ostracized since he had no legal protections of marriage hence raising the issue of marriage equality in the society. This movie might be regarded as the political tool for same-sex marriage equality, but the narration goes beyond the legal implications of bedside access in hospitals for a loved one who is at the point of death. Therefore, the film suggests that the society needs to be educated on the legal onset of same-sex marriage since the issue of gay marriage is bound to bring up more problems in the society.

To sum up, I believe that Shane's harrowing, painful remembrance of his partner's death and what happened after the incidence provides a precise reflection on the need to have marriage equality. Gay people should be given an opportunity to express their love even in public since it is a person's freedom to fall in love with whoever they want. The society needs to be re-educated on the issue of same-sex marriage to avoid such hurtful encounters in the future. If you review the movie carefully, it ultimately portrays how destructive anti-gay wedlock is for the couples, friends as well as their family. More so, the story is all about a committed, loving relationship that was shared between friends and the love of their family which was often the most difficult to get and deal with.


Keener, E. E., & Massey, C. (2015). A Review of Bridegroom, the Loving Story, and Bachelorette, 34: Challenging Cultural Expectations of Marriage. Sex Roles, 72(11-12), 560-565.

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