Immigration Essay Samples

Published: 2017-12-29
Immigration Essay Samples
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Essay Sample #1 - Legal and Illegal Immigration

As a matter of fact, the immigration policies that have been existence and applicable in the U.S have experienced a wide range of changes. For instance, considering Immigration and Nationality Act, there were strict national quotas that were established to ensure proper control of people (immigrants in this case), from the southern and eastern countries. The Congress of the Unites States widely believed that the USA was at a risk of being controlled or rather overturned by the Italians and Jews if the limit if the immigrants are not proposed.

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Immigration has resulted in naturalized citizens, legal immigrants, and at the same time unauthorized immigrants. Immigrants and Nationality Act is considered to have brought radical changes in the aspect of a number and the origin of the people moving from the other countries to the U.S. also, the limit that was in the process of formation was ended after a seasonal bracero program was enacted. This program gave rise to the equal access to everyone who needs to settle in the U.S, even on a permanent immigration policy.

Personally, I have seen my uncle accessing and being given a standing citizenship to the U.S from Mexico. He filled the Immigration form and given that there was no strict regulation to bar the immigrants from accessing the U.S citizenship, he got it and currently settled here. Now, about INA act, I think that the number of immigrants is increasingly worrying and there should be an open, legal framework that should guide the process of admitting immigrants. To make the matter worse, the system is unfortunate enough to the extent of a high number of illegal immigrants. Thus, my point is that there should be the reliable framework to ensure fair and open admission of immigrants to the U.S.

Essay Sample #2 - Essay on Immigrant Students

Immigration can be described as the movement of people from one country to another because of issues such as employment, education, and war. The issue of immigration tends to be among the major topics that politicians are expected to handle critically with respect to the welfare of each immigrant. The affected groups are the immigrant students who find it challenging to access fully most of the basic resources. One of the significant aspects of immigration is the Dream Act in regards to providing adequate opportunities for the immigrant scholars in addition to giving support to the economy of the United States.

According to the article “Creating Opportunities for Immigrant Students and Supporting the U.S. Economy”, on an annual basis, an approximate number of 65,000 students who are an undocumented complete high school with good GPAs but lack opportunities to join the military, institutions of higher learning, getting employment opportunities or focusing on their dreams. It is perceived that the affected people are mostly that come to the United States at a tender age and hence tend to share similar aspects with the Americans in the second generation. Therefore, the issue at hand is the lack of equal opportunities for the immigrant students with the desire of pursuing their careers. It is worth noting that since the students moved to the U.S. when they were young, they have grown up in line with the American culture such that they relate little with their birth country in addition to having fluent English and being bicultural. Furthermore, most of them grow up without the awareness that they are indeed immigrants who are not documented. Most of them come to this realization when applying for colleges, and their driver’s license as they do not have the required legal papers and the social security numbers.

Essay Sample #3 - Employment Opportunities for Immigrant Students

Individuals that share this perspective assert that the immigrant students have dreams that are deferred such that they lack the ability to take part in their careers of interest fully. The issue is that most of them have grown up with the knowledge that they are part of the American culture whereby they experience the same education, the K-12 education, as the rest but yet find it difficult pursuing their interests. Some of them are skilled athletes, valedictorians, aspiring artists, aspiring engineers and lawyers and other professions. The individuals become limited when it comes to aspects such as voting, getting jobs and even driving as they are not legally allowed to do so. Also, individuals that share this perspective support the Dream Act that allows the immigrant students to take part in activities as other American citizens. It is believed that with their adequate skills, they will contribute greatly to the U.S. economy in addition to its workforce.

However, individuals that do not support the perspective explain that there would be competition in regards to the employment opportunities such that the U.S. citizens may miss out on opportunities as immigrants are also considered. The view is that employment opportunities will be jammed such that the citizens might become unemployed. Be that as it may, it is all about skills and what an individual can do to contribute to the growth of the economy. It is, therefore, important for immigrant students to be given opportunities similar to the other citizens as they are part of the American society.

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