Essay Sample on Why People Should Be Against Globalization

Published: 2023-04-04
Essay Sample on Why People Should Be Against Globalization
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Globalization is considered to be the developing interdependence between the global cultures, populations, and economies that have been triggered by the improving technological levels, the cross border trades, and the constant flow of information, people, and investment. There are usually three types of globalization, which include, first, political globalization, which generally involves the level of political coexistence and cooperation that exist between various different countries. Secondly, social globalization which involves sharing information and ideas between different countries. Thirdly, economic globalization involves the interconnectedness of various economies across the globe through exchanging resources and trade. Globalization has had some key advantages and disadvantages to the society and the entire history. The advantages of globalization include; first, it helped to promote free trade, which attracted more investors from the developed nations. The investors were able to create new employment opportunities in the developing world. The main disadvantage of globalization is that it caused environmental degradation and climate change (Steger, 2017). The developed nations took advantage of the weak environmental regulatory policies in the underdeveloped world to exploit their natural habitats that were key in protecting the natural climate. This paper aims to affirm that people should be against globalization

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Why People Should Be Against Globalization.

It Led to the Loss of Jobs.

Globalization is believed to have triggered the loss of jobs, particularly in the developed nations. The manufacturing sector was profoundly affected by this incident of job loss. For example, in the United States, the manufacturing industry lost approximately five million jobs within one year (Kose, Prasad, Rogoff, & Wei, 2009). The increased cases of unemployment usually leave only a few individuals to participate in global trade. Globalization has been enabling the developed world to get richer while still hurting the underdeveloped nations. The loss of jobs has been devastating to many communities and people within the United States and across Europe (Steger, 2017).

Depletion of the State Sovereignty

Globalization has significantly reduced or affected the sovereignty of the state. The international trade communities usually restrict the capability of the non-states to effectively control and regulate domestic economies while the international laws and organizations usually minimize their ability to make decisions. The large multinational organizations often exploit various legal loopholes in order to avoid the taxes that have been set. These organizations usually offshore their activities to the nations that have weak labor policies and laws in order to evade the high standards that exist in the developed world.

Increased Cases of Inequality

Globalization has made a small percentage of the population rich while the largest portion of the population has been left poor. The global inequality report indicated that since the introduction of globalization, the rate of inequality has risen rapidly in all nations. Globalization has been propagating inequality instead of reducing it. A report by the international monetary fund also suggested that the rate of inequality might have enhanced due to the foreign and technological investments taking place in nations across the globe (Blommaert, 2010). These foreign and technological improvements are believed to have occurred due to the introduction of globalization.


Globalization has significant impacts and effects on various countries across the globe. This impact portrays the negative side of globalization, thus affirming the reason why people should be against globalization. Some of the key reasons why we should be against globalization include; first, it triggers inequality; the number of wealthy people tends to be small compared to the number of poor people across the globe. Secondly, it causes the loss of jobs. Cases of job loss are mainly reported in the manufacturing industries. Thirdly, globalization reduces the sovereignty of the state.


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