Essay Sample: The Interview With a Non-American

Published: 2023-01-20
Essay Sample: The Interview With a Non-American
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This paper will be an interview that I will conduct with a non-American on how emotions span intercultural interactions. The discussion will be based on five main issues which will be her family, self and marriage, her measure of social status, and success. Also, the significant event in their country and those that are vital in her life, she shall give information concerning social do ad don'ts and lastly her view of the US. My interviewee's name is Gabriella, she is a non-American whose native land is Japan.

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Hello, Gabriella welcome so much to our office of the Non -American ambassadors. Have a sit, please. Thank you so much madam; it is my pleasure to be here. The main reason I invited you here is that there is some information I need from you specifically on life here in the States. Firstly, I would like to know about your family, self and marriage.

" I am Gabriella Janet, a lady who is currently staying in Texas. I like swimming, reading novels and cooking. I'm now an interpretation executive at Smiles, where I handle our top performing client. In my previous workplace, I was on three different major national healthcare varieties. And while I enjoyed the work that I did, I'd love the chance to dig in much deeper with one specific healthcare company, which is why I'm so excited about this opportunity with Metro Health Center.". Concerning my family and marriage, I am married to one Mr Johnson Carson, and we have blessed we three children who are two boys and one beautiful girl, both have been in their tertiary level of education." goodness, gracious! You look so young I thought you only have two children who are still in high school. No, my children are all grown

Wow! That's so lovely of you. Secondly, according to you, what are the measures of social status and success? "according to me the standards of social status and success is based on my social class whereby if I may rank myself and my family we are in the lower middle class since as an employed account executive team being paid $ 50000.The success that I have achieved while living here in the US includes getting the best employment paying occupation also the best college for my children. "that's great, Gabriella what if you are told to quit your job today for a better one, would you do that? I cannot leave my job because it gives me satisfaction and contentment.

Tell me about a time you had to deal with failure, and a problem that was unexpected in your work. "my boss was only in town for a few days, so I needed to give him the all the financial statements and records together with the planned budget of that month and at that particular time I was out of town .so I had to rush back go through my computer an access the documents print them and avail to him within the shortest time.

If I may ask Gabriella, what are some of the significant events in your country or rather the functions that are influential in your life? " Back in my country in Japan, the most significant events include Omuzutori festival that is usually held in Todaiji Temple in March where it is a celebration of several Buddhists repenting and performing of rituals and also Shogatsu events." Goodness, gracious! What does it mean by Shogatsu? This is an event were back in Japan, we observe traditional foods that are different from all the regions of Japan, also starting the New Year by eating buckwheat noodles at midnight. That's so amazing, what is the purpose of the meal? "the purpose of buckwheat noodles is for good health."

My second last question to you Gabriella, what are the social do's and don'ts while here in the US? According to me some of the social do's include hugging and patting friends on their backs, addressing the older people than me as Mr., sir, Mrs., Ms. and even madam while the social don'ts entail that of referring to someone's racial identity, giving cash as gifts except for my family members, referring to people on their outlook and mentioning their weight is considered impolite.

What is your view of the United State Gabriella? "my view on the US it is a beautiful place that is extremely diverse in a culture that is a multicultural society, and I appreciate the way it has accepted me as a non-American, and I am comfortable while here."

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