Dental Hygienist - Personal Statement Essay Example

Published: 2022-04-20
 Dental Hygienist - Personal Statement Essay Example
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Since childhood, hygienic teeth have always intrigued me. I could never imagine not cleaning my teeth after every single meal. It did not take much time before I realized that is where my passion lied. It would be my pleasure to help people regain their smiles. Recent research states that age group between 18-29 years old American adults frequented the dentist while 55% of African Americans visited the dentist with only 70% of whites visiting the dentist (Bushak). In yet another report, 33% of 18-34 years of American adults are reluctant to smile due to lack of confidence in their teeth (Bushak). I intend to educate the public about dental hygiene as well as the essence of frequenting the dentists' without necessarily waiting for a toothache or decay. It is for the above reasons that a career as a dental hygienist would offer me the best opportunity to provide these essential services of ensuring that people can regain their confidence and have healthy teeth.

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For one to be termed as a qualified dental hygienist, a dental hygiene program is a necessity. To qualify for the course, one must hold a high school diploma and submit SAT and ACT scores (Lane Community College). An associate's degree takes two years, which is characterized by clinical instruction, classroom, and laboratory sessions (Lane Community College). Pharmacology, periodontology, clinical dental hygiene, anesthesiology, dental radiology, and inorganic chemistry are among the topics that are covered in this course (Lane Community College). For a bachelor's degree, it takes another two years to complete, with more extensive classes being offered. At that level, one is qualified for licensure and a bachelor's degree qualifies one for management and research. For a master's degree, another two years is covered, the roles of a master's degree holder are relatively dynamic (Lane Community College).

A dental hygienist should be in a position to clean patient's teeth, take x-rays, provide education on proper dental hygiene, and apply sealants and fluoride on teeth. Discipline is vital to be successful in this career (Lane Community College). It revolves around direct contact with patients hence compassion, and problem-solving skills are fundamental. Proper communication is required since this is the only way to draw information from the patients. In Houston a dental hygienist makes a lucrative salary ranging from 61,755 to 81,895 excluding benefits and bonuses, this is pretty much the universal average ( This, of course, is relative to experience, company size, and the location. This is one of the most flexible jobs around. Most dental hygienists are hired for at most three days a week ( This makes it possible for one to handle multiple tasks in a row. That adds up to more income. On the downside, however, a dental hygienist does double the work of a dentist, and the pay is half of it.

As earlier on mentioned, I would love to spread awareness about oral hygiene and be a researcher as well. This dream can only turn into reality with the aid of a bachelor's degree. An associate's degree is insufficient. I intend to acquire licensure that will most certainly be of help in my line of duty. While pursuing a bachelors' degree, leadership, oral anatomy, radiology, nutrition, health, and state licensing requirements are among the topics that are examined. I will entrust my career path to Lane Community College since it offers the best education skills and competence, required in the professional world. At some point I would love to work with the armed forces, I cannot help but notice how much these people do for us compared to how little we do for them. I would love to be part of a more significant cause than me. Later in life, I intend on visiting Africa to offer voluntary dental services as well as dental hygiene awareness.

After graduation, I will settle in Houston. My monthly budget will remain simple; my one bedroom apartment will not be anything more than $1,000. $150 is to be spent on utilities; these are electricity, water, heating, and garbage. $30 at most on the internet, $300 on food, $90 on transport and finally $50 on miscellaneous activities, is all I will require. This adds up to $1,620 monthly expense, and the annual expenditure is $19,440. Earlier on, I stated that a dental hygienist makes up to $61,755 to 81,895; the average is $71,092(NerdWallet). To maintain reasonable living standards in Houston one needs to make $ 50,255 (NerdWallet). This means that I will comfortably be in a position to meet my needs and save up to buy a luxurious home in the suburbs. I also intent on saving up to further my education. 5% of my annual savings will be directed to charity. The median salary for a dental hygienist in Houston is $72,079, which is higher than other cities by a tiny margin.

The cost of living in Houston is higher by 1% compared to Atlanta, the annual cost being $50,255 (NerdWallet). Rent is 17% lower, food is 16% higher, and transport is 7% higher, and healthcare is 16% higher (NerdWallet). Cost of living in Dallas is higher than that of Houston. Housing is 13% lower, transport is 5% higher, food is 14% higher, and healthcare is 15% higher (NerdWallet). New York is one of the cities with absurdly high living standards. To afford living here, one needs an annual salary of $114,721 (NerdWallet). It surpasses the living standards of Houston by a significant margin. Housing is 350% higher; transport is 36% higher while food is 46% higher, and for healthcare one would have to pay 27% more than in Houston (NerdWallet).

The above data justifies dwelling in Houston. The cost of living is favorable, and I will be close to my parents, this means I will not have to incur an extra commuter cost every. Life in New York is quite extravagant; it is, therefore, unfit for a dental hygienist who makes an average of $71,029. The other alternative would be Dallas since the cost is closely related to that of Houston, the extra cost is only incurred in housing but transportation, and food and healthcare cover for it.

I intend on accomplishing the above in 5 years. I always wanted to leave a mark on other peoples'' lives; I did not know how. Now that I have chosen this career path, I now know just what to do with that aspiration. I will devote my time and money in molding smiles. Africa will be my first destination; later, I intend on dedicating some time in voluntary service in the forces to provide dental services. This will only be accomplished after I am done with my Bachelor's in degree qualification in dental hygiene. The world would be a better place if we smiled more.

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