Free Essay Sample on Global Energy Sustainability

Published: 2022-07-12
Free Essay Sample on Global Energy Sustainability
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1. Human development, ecological and environmental issues

Human development issues like the agricultural revolution in both Britain and America greatly compromised the availability and use of sustainable energy. For instance, the use of mixed chemical fertilizers and pesticides to improve crop productivity caused adverse environmental consequences. Environmentally, the advancements caused topsoil erosion, contamination of drinking water supplies, and water resource degradation. Therefore, the ultimate ecological repercussion was undesirable farm productivity and poor human health conditions regarding reduced reservoir capacity and destruction of habitats for diverse species of organisms.

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2. The significance of global energy sustainability

Sustainability is a vital tool for both water and soil conservation that in turn naturally improves farm productivity and eventually halts farmland destruction. Additionally, global energy sustainability gradually intensifies agriculture in regards to rapid transition in farming methods that lead to greater crop returns. The relationship between clean energy, environment and sustainable development leads to an efficient achievement of sustainable development (Rosen 2009).

3. How to leapfrog over-polluting energies

Developing countries can adopt a cleaner and safer energy revolution as regards the introduction of solar farms instead of the coal-fired power plants to curb the global climate change associated with severe impacts. For instance, they can adopt clean energy technologies with averagely plummeted costs for profitability and improvement of the people's living standards. This may further include the generation of electric energy from renewable sources based on strategized upfront investment.

4. Clean energy techniques for developing countries

I have used biofuels as a means of saving energy for a sustainable world. Therefore, such fuels are crucial in meeting energy needs regarding profitability associated with land conversion and carbon dioxide release for crop growth. Ideally, delving into biofuels production would prevent continental food shortages but in turn improve food security for the vulnerable populations (UN Environment 19). This is due to increased size of land under cultivation that reverses the current diversions of land elsewhere to bioenergy that has been reflected in spikes in food prices. Therefore, biofuels can generally help developing countries to achieve electrification and exclusive decarbonization in the next two decades (UN Environment 47).

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