Paper Example. The Four Forms of Politics

Published: 2023-03-28
Paper Example. The Four Forms of Politics
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Politics are very dynamic and is primarily found in any institution. Politics may vary from a personal relation with the family, the clan or community, and to the general public or the larger collections of people.

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However, politics are different in forms and have different costs and benefits to different persons and the general public at large. Authoritative politics or dictatorial politics is the kind of politics that involves the power being wielded by a single individual, a certain group, class, and the remaining larger population have little power ("Types of Political Systems", 2020). The dictator is the sole decision-maker and has the enforcer to make sure that the decisions are implemented. While this form of politics is adventitious owing to its ease and quick in decision making, many of the citizens pay since they have no right to decide on the way they are ruled.

The democratic form of politics allows the general population to take part in the political arena. In this kind of politics, it involves two forms, which are the direct democratic politics in which the citizens have an equal right in the working of the state. The second form is the representative democratic politics in which the citizens have representation in the government for all their needs and views on the way they should be governed ("Types of Political Systems", 2020). In this form of politics, the citizens are the most beneficiaries and are mostly favored by every bit of governance decision. The disadvantage of this form of politics is that it is slow in decision making and hence hinders development.

The monarchial type of politics involves the procedure in which the ruler is not selected by the voice of the citizens or their representatives. The leaders are given the right to ruler until they pass on. The monarch is primarily the final word in the states. This form of politics has three different forms, which involve the absolute monarchial politics, in which the monarch has the final say in the matter of government while in the elective monarchy. The greatest beneficiary in this form of politics is the monarch when it comes to decision making. The general public, on the contrary, is the ones who pay since they have no say in the way they are governed.

The republic is the last form of politics in which the state remains the most case the subject to the individuals that it rules. In this case, the citizens are solely responsible for legitimizing the government, and they have the power to recall their leaders ("Types of Political Systems", 2020). The government, in this form of politics, are subject to the citizen's wishes. The beneficiaries in this form of politics are the citizens since they have the right to air their views and choose who governs them. The state, in this case, pays since they have to deal with lengthy decision-making processes.


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