Work in Global Society - Free Example of Article Review Essay

Published: 2022-07-15
Work in Global Society - Free Example of Article Review Essay
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My dream work is to be an executive of hotel and tourism business since my family runs a hotel back in my country and I would like to grow our privately-owned company into the global market. Fox and O'Connor (2015) in an article published by The Guardian, feature five manners by which work will change in the future. From the article, I can relate with some of the ways which I believe may influence my career choice in future. The first one is the change in working environment structures: the unbending corporate ladder is changing - now the corporate cross-section permits free-streaming career paths and ideas (Fox and O'Connor, 2015). I agree with the article especially because career paths are winding up comparatively liquid, with many following a crisscross as opposed to a straight way. Notably, the world is less unsurprising than it was in the industrial age, so I will remain pertinent by obtaining transferable skills in a portfolio.

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From the video, the contention on effect of robots and computerized reasoning, I concur with Sandra Peters that in as much as artificial intelligence will take up most employment, it is foremost to distinguish which area I need to wander in and the financial aspects of the occupations in that specific part (Abcnetau, 2018). In my opinion, the hospitality industry should grasp technology to go up against the traditional rival in these evolving times and more so in future. Additionally, new distribution models must be developed to lead the charge. For no less than 50 years, numerous organisations have seen their potential work pool as worldwide (Foundation for Young Australians, 2015). Organizations flexibly oversee work from various nations in various parts of their supply, creation, dissemination and sales channels which is what I plan to do in the future. Innovation heightens the globalisation of work, by empowering bosses and labourers to all the more effortlessly interface. I will incorporate SMEs to take advantage of ability from sectors that are lower cost or hyperspecialized in aptitudes.

Among the different rising types of employment, work provided through computerised stages has all the earmarks of being the most imaginative and to have an impressive potential for development. Both the solid financial rationale of online stages and their high securities exchange valuations propose this might be the situation (Europaeu, 2018). As the executive of our family hotel, I intend to incorporate this in future. Potentially the most striking future improvement in the realm of work is the effect of digitalisation. The impacts may go from a significant change in the number and sectoral organisation of occupations to a radical reorientation of how work is arranged in the work environment. With the emerging technology, strict directions and changing client inclinations, I will be cautious to remain relevant in the market. By so doing, the business will offer an incredible client experience and grasp the new market prerequisites which are the critical drivers for the digitisation in the hospitality business.

By embracing computerised advances, I will have the capacity to maximise brand presence, increase operational efficiencies and rethink client encounters. To offer imaginative answers for clients, I will join forces with an IT organisation. In the future, the robotic - process robotisation, for example, will change the manner in which the hotel appointments are made. The utilisation of Biometrics will guarantee that we are more secure, and the chatbot administrations will ensure the hotel booking process is faster.


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