Essay Example on the Effect of the Author's Moral Viewpoint on Torture

Published: 2022-12-08
Essay Example on the Effect of the Author's Moral Viewpoint on Torture
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The author's moral viewpoint affects the strength of her argument by adding weight to her perspective regarding the subject (O'mara, 2015). The example she gives regarding how negatively torture impacts on the reputation of a country deploying supports her stand against torture. To this end, her moral viewpoint justifies the immorality of torture in she argues that this immoral act makes countries deploying incredible.

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Does the Lack of Specific Evidence Regarding the Ineffectiveness of Torture Weaken the Author's Argument?

The lack of specific evidence pointing out the ineffectiveness of torture renders the argument of the author substandard and unworthy. This is because it discounts the author's viewpoint by demanding actual evidence to support her position (O'mara, 2015). In such a manner, the author's argument is undermined.

This Argument Chooses a Single Country, the US, as an Example Throughout. Why Might the Author Choose to do this?

The author might choose to use the US as an example to demonstrate the double standards it applies regarding torture. This is because torture remains illegal in the US, and yet American forces use it in foreign lands, and further support its use by other countries (O'mara, 2015). An excellent example is the "war on terror" that saw the massive torture of Iraqi by US troops. This raises the question as to why the US cannot use it against its citizens.

Is the Author's Argument that Torture, or Harsh Forms of Interrogation, is Necessary when dealing with Terrorism a Convincing One? Why or why Not?

The author argues that harsh forms of interrogation are justified and prudent when handling terrorist cases (Pearse, 2015). The basis of the author's argument is that terrorists are not ordinary perpetrators of the law because terrorists develop weapons for mass murders. This makes any piece of information about such weapons crucial for saving lives, and because terrorists will never deliver such information hassle-free, torture has to come because the information must be obtained through hook or crook.

The Article Supposes that "Harsh Forms of Interrogation" is the Only means of Getting Information from Detainees. Is this the Case? What other Avenues Could the Article be ignoring?

Of course, there are other viable avenues of getting information from detainees. One of the viable alternatives to harsh forms of interrogation is offering immunity to terrorists, and offering them the opportunity to aide the processes of hunting their colleagues (Pearse, 2015). This an example of a more humane way of handling terrorists, or detainees instead.


In an attempt to discount torture as an effective way of getting information from terrorists, the author cites its quality of inhumane nature. However, her argument is countered by the fact that there is no tangible evidence of torture's ineffectiveness. The use of torture overlooks other humane and diplomatic ways of interrogating detainees.


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