How Failure Changed My Life - Personal Experience Essay Sample

Published: 2017-12-11
How Failure Changed My Life - Personal Experience Essay Sample
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Failure often happens to everyone in life. It can be very disappointing to experience failure in life. However, when one looks back to the incident they realize that it allowed them to see the other aspects of life. Failure allows people to learn from mistakes and also prepares them for new challenges of life. The experience I had while playing soccer with the school team left me pessimistic and disappointed .Although I felt a lot of rejection at the time, as it turned out later, this experience marked a significant turning point of my life. I focused more on academics and devoted more efforts to various organizations within my school.

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Looking back now, I realize the incident was the best thing that has ever happened to my life. For years, I spent most of my time playing soccer .For this reason, my priorities focused on soccer things. Essentially, playing soccer never gave me the opportunity to consider other activities. I am happy to report that my failure to make into the team has been of great significance, since the experience has worked to shape and mold the person I am today. Outside soccer, I have realized the tremendous effect that the sport had made on my life. For instance, the short time I was able to play soccer helped me do develop other qualities including passion, discipline as well as hard work. In addition, I also realize the opportunity helped me to grow in off the field areas.

That 52 second call from my coach that conveyed the news that excluded me from the school team forced me to step out of my comfort zone and focus on aspects of life. Hence, my life has transformed positively for the better. I put more focus on academics and different activities in my school. For instance, I joined student leadership roles and became a teacher’s aide. Even though the failure allowed me to build outstanding principles and strong sense of purpose in addition to making the right choices in life, it also provided another important opportunity for me to build a strong academic foundation. Also, I gained other critical skills, including communication and organizational skills. Thus, based on this experience, I consider the failure to be an opportunity for me to explore ways of improving my weaknesses. Other invaluable skills I have been able to develop outside the soccer world include responsibility, teamwork, as well as emphasis on self-growth. I have come to the realization that challenges and other life setbacks are the turning points for personal development. These are lessons I could not have learnt if I continued playing soccer.

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