Free Essay on Diversity in Life

Published: 2019-06-06
Free Essay on Diversity in Life
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In our daily activities and endeavors, every person has to deal with diversity at some point in life. The diversity that we have to go through may vary from person to person. Women walking in the streets carry their bags full of make ups and other necessary stuff that they may need, students attending school carry their luggage of books, pencils, pens and other necessities to class, a doctor carries his medical kit at least wherever he travels; all these things we carry may be visible to the general public but when it comes to emotions, destiny and feelings, no one can see how much they weigh. These abstract items weight is as real as that of any physical items and unlike the physical ones; they can not be easily cast away. The intangible things sometimes weigh heavier than any other baggage that we may carry.

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This is not any different from doctor Smith's situation. As a doctor he practices his duties with diligence and a lot of care. He fights and runs up and down everyday to save lives of many people. This is obvious a culture and norm of every medical practitioner. He is a father of one daughter and a married man to Lucy. They lived a happy life ever until when a tragedy happens in their life that changes the doctors life completely. Their only child Stella started getting these signs of frequent severe infections, swollen lymph nodes, easy bruising and bleeding, fatigue, chills, weakness. She lost weight and had these recurrent nose bleedings that really made her life a living hell. Doctor Smith and the wife realized very late that their daughter was suffering from the deadly disease leukemia due to their busy nature of work. Stella had this teddy bear that she always carried around, loved and gave her a lot of companion that she required. The child underwent a lot of chemotherapy but it did not work. Not even her dad who used to save lives of many in his line of duty could save the little soul.

This remained as a big scar in the doctors life. Mr. Smith had a lot of illusions during his duty due to the emotional attachment that he had to his daughter. He loved the daughter so much and we acknowledge that every parent wants a perfect gift for their child during their birthdays, therefore the doctor decided to find one in a teddy bear. It was a golden like and of around one kilogram. This little gift created unbroken bond between father and daughter that when he tries to remember the day that he brought the teddy bear for her daughter as a present on her 8th birthday, he breaks into tears and this causes stress to him and at times causing him to defy the hospital rules and regulations. He remembers her daughter running towards him and hugging him immediately he opened the door to their house and she kissed him and said daddy this is the perfect gift that I have ever had in my lifeI love you so much. These words lingered in the doctors mind whenever the daughters picture came in mind. They created grief, sorrow and burden that at least as a medical doctor he could have been able to save his own daughters life which he could not. This emotional burden was the heaviest of all burdens for it could not be laid down. The teddy bear remained as something physical that the doctor could look at and get some consolation. It carried memories, love and desires which could not be put down but be endured. It was very sad for the things that the doctor had to suffer from inside.

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