Digital Marketing Essay Example

Published: 2022-09-28
Digital Marketing Essay Example
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Based on the article, what are some ways location data can help shopping malls?

Location data help on an online mapping, establishing digital corrals to segregate location signals of smartphones which originated from within it (Do, Blom, & Gatica-Perez, 2011). More and more shopping malls managers and owners today have changed into mobile space. Being aware of the mobile marketing benefits, they created their individual mobile apps to accomplish the experience of visitors while shopping. Furthermore, the shopping malls can increase engagement with customers in a contextualized and relevant manner by adding location technology to the mobile app. They can deliver personalized information by the location of users to points of the profile, interests, and offline-online behaviors. The shopping malls can location-aware details to inform clients about the current films at the cinema, events, offers available, and new stores. The mobile apps of location-aware can also assist customers to locate particular services, stores, and restaurants within the shopping mall (Hasan & Ukkusuri, 2014). Here are some of the ways location-aware services can be utilized to improve the profit margins of the shopping malls:

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Out-site engagement

As consumers spend more at, mall traffics are decreasing worldwide, and thousands of stores are closing. Services of location marketing can be utilized to guide and direct the visitors to the shopping mall app while enhancing brand awareness.

Campaign actions examples:

  • Reaching the customers in the neighboring vicinities and lure them to your shopping malls
  • Announcing special events, new stores, and restaurants
  • Retargeting clients who have already visited the mall or engaged with your campaigns to re-engage with incentives of the organization.

On-site engagement

Shopping malls should evolve them by clearly defining value propositions for both the retailers and visitors because they attract large crowds. Shopping mall managers and landlords can increase both the retailers and visitors experience by offering better services by use of location marketing services.

Campaign actions examples

  • Displaying way-finding maps to direct clients while in the shopping mall
  • Delivering information about services at the malls for example kindergarten and personal shopper.
  • Driving footfall traffic to cinemas, restaurants, and stores with promotional campaigns.

Marketers have used demographic, psychographic, purchase data for years, how do you think location data compares to these and why.

Geographic segmentation involves subdividing the market into segments by towns, cities, countries, and regions where consumers dwell and operate (Do, Blom, & Gatica-Perez, 2011). The reason for this is basically that product usage, as well as consumer; wants often are associated with one or more of the sub-divisions. Geographic features are also accessible and measurable. For most companies, the target market is one of the most critical decisions. Its purpose is to establish and outline the segments of the market that would become a target for the marketing plan of the company. Psychographics are qualitative methodologies utilized to define the consumers on psychological traits. Psychographics have used to the research of lifestyles, interest, attitudes, opinions, values, as well as personality (Hasan & Ukkusuri, 2014). Psychographic segmentation is a technique applied to group perspective, previous or current clients by their shared lifestyles, interest, attitudes, opinions, values, as well as personality as well as other aspects.

The location technologies provide the shopping malls important insights of data about their visitors like how frequent they visit the mall, the time they spend inside their venues, what retails kind they usually visit for example non-luxury stores, luxury brand stores, healthy restaurants, and fast food restaurant. The shopping malls can increase the monetary value of each client and improve customer loyalty by using this information wisely.

The campaign actions examples

  • Using gamification, stimulate usage of loyalty card and reward customer loyalty.
  • Promote shopping card by the period the visitors spend on the premises of the shopping mall.
  • Enhance social sharing and brand engagement by use of loyalty figures that is how regular they access or go to your sites.

What is one technology that could prevent ones' identity from being revealed?

Since in the U.S there are no federal agencies mandated with imposing law, a person with a severe medical condition might be concerned (Do, Blom, & Gatica-Perez, 2011). Private businesses and organizations may utilize individually identifiable details collected in the commercial transactions for other purposes of marketing. In case people with severe medical conditions were to buy drugs online, they would have cookies put on their computers which would determine the individuals as potential customers for other pharmaceuticals for that disease. Since various firms do not even adhere to their own outlined privacy policies and opt-out processes are often hard to get on medical search engines or pharmaceutical sites, personal profile or information might be transferred or sold to other organizations, possibly even insurance firms. The profiling companies or advertising networks which have ads on the pharmaceutical sites or medical search engines may likely, without the permission of the person, put identifiers or tags on the computer of a person which shall be used in tracking her or his movements as the individual accesses the site. A profile may contain psychographic or inferential data in addition to the gathered behavioral details. The changes from health care of fee-for-service to managed care have resulted in unprecedented breadth and depth demand for personal information by various participants that include the health insurance organization. The information environment at the same time is moving swiftly from paper files and forms to electronic media, providing firms a higher capacity to tie previously unique information together, with include data gathered from the online sites (Hasan & Ukkusuri, 2014). Some of the technologies which may prevent the identity of an individual from being disclosed include anonymous remailers and anonymous surfing products.


Do, T. M. T., Blom, J., & Gatica-Perez, D. (2011, November). Smartphone usage in the wild: a large-scale analysis of applications and context. In Proceedings of the 13th international conference on multimodal interfaces (pp. 353-360). ACM.

Hasan, S., & Ukkusuri, S. V. (2014). Urban activity pattern classification using topic models from online geo-location data. Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, 44, 363-381.

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