Essay Sample on the Article Reviewed

Published: 2022-11-18
Essay Sample on the Article Reviewed
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The article selected for review as per the topic on Anxiety and Sleep was the article known as "Dismantling the bidirectional relationship between pediatric sleep and anxiety" which was retrieved from; (Leahy & Gradisar, 2012).

The reason behind the author coming up with this article on sleep and anxiety was to identify the necessary things or practices that would work well to help people manage their levels of stress and get access to better rest in the future. Additionally, the study, in this case, was aimed at looking at the various problems that are associated with causing anxiety and what can be done to get rid of all these problems for a lifetime.

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Purpose of the Study

The study had the goal of making the readers understand how well they are to involve themselves in activities that will contribute to them having control over their sleep and reduce anxiety within them. Communication of the ideas on how fear and sleep affect people was yet an additional aim of the entire study as seen in the article.

The Hypothesis/ Hypotheses of the Study

Anxiety and sleep seem to be dependent variables as well as independent variables in the other way. This is because when one has got some anxiety of any level, this will cause the interference of sleep in these people and therefore this is how the two become dependent variables. Moreover, lack of sleep out of other factors may trigger the anxiety of a person differently. People were having problems with, or lack of sleep will be made by this condition to have increased levels of stress. The primary hypothesis for this study was to identify what comes first between the two variables which are anxiety and sleep. The research aimed at analyzing which variable had a more significant impact than the other.

The Type of Research

In this article, it is evident that the kind of research that the researchers undertook was an experimental kind of research. The study was preliminary because it involved the comparisons between the variables in this case anxiety and sleep (Leahy & Gradisar, 2012)

The researchers in this research compare or weigh these two variables to see which one has got the most significant impact on the people. There was a measurement of the number of people in America who experience sleep disorders or rather problems that do with sleep and caused by the anxiety of any kind.

Also, there is the use of percentages in the research to express the total amount of adults who have got problems with their sleep and especially if it is a problem caused by anxiety. For example in this study, the researchers reveal that over forty million people in entire America have been experiencing difficulties in their sleep and they are unable to control their levels of anxiety, yet they don't know how to go about all these problems. The study has also listed that about 70% of the total people in America who have these problems in terms of sleep and how they are affected by anxiety are barely adults.

The Participants

There were several participants in this study that involved research about the sleep and anxiety and how they are related, how they affect people and these conditions can be controlled. The first participants were the researchers themselves. They are the ones who saw the need to have this research put in place, and they went ahead to conduct it and gather the relevant information from the people of America (Leahy & Gradisar, 2012). The other participants who were involved and made the research success are the Americans who acted as the respondents and gave the feedback to the questions the researchers wanted to know about.

Obtaining the Sample

As per the fact that this research was experimental, the researchers had to use a unique way to get the sample of data which they would use to analyze and achieve at a correct finding and or conclusion. The example on the number of people who were affected by disorders in sleep and anxiety was obtained by the researchers having to ask questions to the people through direct interviews and questionnaires they addressed to the people for a response. They also use some health records from some hospitals and medical centers which helped them to get to analyze the number of similar cases that were reported within some particular periods (Leahy & Gradisar, 2012). This way, the researchers got a range of information regarding the subject matter. Analysis of this information that was obtained from the respondents and the data records made the researchers reach a necessary conclusion.

Results of the Study

From this study, the researchers came to realize that nearly all the people were affected or had problems with sleep and anxiety. This is evident from the article which shows that America alone has got over four million people who said that they had got problems with controlling sleep, and thus they find them themselves unable to get sleep at night. Above all, the elder people are mostly the ones who are affected by these problems since they tend to overthink on some issues and this causes them to lack sleep most of the times (Leahy & Gradisar, 2012). This is seen in the case wherein the article it is pointed out that seventy percent of the total number of people having disorders in sleep and anxiety are adults. From the study on America alone, then it is seen that this is a persistent problem and it has affected a large number of people. It has contributed to other complications like high blood pressure which is known as hypertension, stroke, and diabetes among others. More cases of problems due to anxiety are being reported daily.

Conclusions of the Research

It is true that the researchers who took part in this research were able to achieve a valid conclusion. The conclusion, in this case, was that anxiety is significantly affecting how people sleep and sleep is also changing the stress of people in a way. The findings were valid since they give the people ways out of the problem of anxiety (leahy & Gradisar, 2012). The ideas are presented that can get out of this problem are doing regular exercise, taking time to relax or listen to music before going to bed or even making a bath some minutes before one retires to bed.

The Limitations

Desire the fact that the article shows that the research was done on this; the study did not include all the possible and practical methods that would have helped to come up with or generate most informing data from the research. Therefore, it seems that there is still some significant amount of useful data on anxiety and sleep that was left out. The study would have been more effective, however (leahy & Gradisar, 2012). Also, a shorter time limit that was allocated for the research made the information acquired not to be much reliable. The study had only covered a small geographical location, and thus a lot of reliable information about the variables was left out.

This study relates so much with my research project. This research comes in that I will be gathering information on the same variables (sleep and anxiety) which have been looked at in this research. The methods that have been used to carry out the study are similar to those that are used in my research project. However, there are several ways I will use to expand my research project and make it achieve better findings than this. The first thing will be the incorporation of more methods of data collection for my research. The geographical location that will be covered in the study will be larger than the one this research in the article had covered and more time for conducting the research will be necessary for the best outcome (Leahy & gradisar, 2012). Having diverse respondents to collect information from about the subject matter will help and lead to some significant findings and conclusions from the research. This is because the accuracy level of the data collected will be higher than compared to the other study. The research project will be able to look at both the variables in all the dimensions of relationships that do exist. Therefore, it is evident that with the research project being more thorough, the results and our findings will also be higher in terms of efficiency and quality.


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