Book Review Essay Sample: The Disability Rights Movement: From Charity to Confrontation

Published: 2022-08-26
Book Review Essay Sample: The Disability Rights Movement: From Charity to Confrontation
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The book contributes significantly to comprehending the needs of people with disabilities as it describes the way social movements come up, how they are organized as well as how they will define the challenges that are as a result of discrimination and social injustice. The two authors are not precisely sociologists but have a deep understanding of the issues of discrimination especially for the people who have disabilities because they had personal experience about the same. The book states how the people with disabilities organize themselves to ensure a change in stereotypes for the general public such that there is a change in the blatant discrimination that they have received all along and make sure that people transform their attitudes because people have their unique insights about the issue of disability. The authors also point out the comparison of the disability issue with race and gender.

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The authors state that people with disabilities are normal beings like the rest of people only that they have fewer capabilities and they need to be treated like ordinary beings. It is to mean that the disabled have done nothing to receive discrimination and they are supposed to be accorded their rights which are currently taken for granted (Fleischer et al. 2012). Stating the incident of President Roosevelt who so much sought to have his disability concealed and that he appeared at the impeachment hearing in a wheelchair shows the way these disabled people campaign to make a change in the existing approach which is from stressed charity and segregation to one that celebrates the people who have disabilities. The books also define the progress that the disabled have made in a short-term period as well as the efforts and determination that they have required to affect social change.

The book clearly states the importance of the disabled and that people need to change their attitudes towards their stake. The disabled should be treated like ordinary beings because they also have their rights that other people need to follow (Fleischer et al. 2012). The point from this book is that people have been taking the rights of the disabled for granted and there is a need to change their perspective about these people. The book is essential and also exposes the attitudes and practices that the ordinary people have towards the individuals with disabilities. Thus, it evokes an awareness of how to treat people with disabilities. More emphasis is on the rights of these individuals and that they need to be included rather than having charity offers. The authors can cover many topics and issues concerning the disabled in the book which helps to identify cases and how one can deal with related situations. Additionally, the book is readable and engaging, and I would recommend it to people.

The information will be useful to my work as an educator as it contains significant points to educate the public on how to handle people with disabilities. Working with these individuals requires a procedure, and it is a requirement that people know how to handle them during particular situations. I will use cases from the book to help me illustrate to the people as an educator. Thus, they will be able to understand the concepts I am offering better than when I talk without examples. The book is excellent and provides all that one needs to have.


Fleischer, D. Z., Zames, F. D., & Zames, F. (2012). The disability rights movement: From charity to confrontation. Temple University Press.

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