Psychology Essay Sample: The Environmental Effects of Crime in the African American community

Published: 2022-09-21
Psychology Essay Sample: The Environmental Effects of Crime in the African American community
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The environment effects pertaining crime rate in African American communities is as a result of various social and psychological issues. This paper functions to highlight the problems that may have affected the crime rate in the said areas. There are current issues pertaining the social psychology; this section discusses some of them. The cyberbullying, this social issue definition is the intimidation of a person by another person through the electronic media (Smith, Peter K., et al.). This form of social psychological issue occurs mostly whereby a person shares harmful or usually harmful content to the next party intentionally. The occurrences of this issue always include the short messages or applications on social forums such as the forums or gaming where the majority of people see, view and comment on the subject. The systems of beliefs and reality perceptions, this is the existing or non-existing stories that define the reality which is personal sense, and these systems are put in practice socially (Rutjens). The social psychology mindfulness is the consciousness quality to understand how to associate and relate with others in certain ways responsibly (Karremans et al.). The influences that arise due to the majority or minority stands entails especially the political idealism; not everyone will agree with the ideas of one politician thus a creation of the minority and the majority in the social class of a particular state (Crano, William & Viviane).The theory of the inter groups are especially the social relationship of people regarding varying opinions of subjects such as the intolerance to the religious group, the immigration attitudes of the public and the diversity among other ideals refers to the inter-group theories which are a current phycological issue (Lewis et al) . The need to cope with the social world which is uncontrollable is also another current issue that falls in the psychology subject (Bukowski, Marcin, et al). It shows the effect of the uncontrollable social dynamics effect on individuals especially those who struggle or do not cope with the rampant transformation of the same. The need for identity with a place and the struggle for power are among the major social issues in the current worlds whereby the said subjects shows the effects in all parts of the world. Lastly, the social psychology agencies and communion. The need for people to be different from others and the qualities that define a person is an agency as is shown in the field of psychology (Abele, Andrea &Bogdan. The personal identification from the community also forms a part of the current issues regarding psychology.

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The psychological problems in the society are what shapes the existence of the nation at large. For instance, regarding the mental health of the persons in the community which is the basic functionality of all the psychological problems. The health of the mind is beneficial to every individual and thus to the society. For example, mental health is the basis for that helps us to understand the different perceptions, beliefs, ideas, intergroup theory and many more. It shows that the health of the mind is core in understanding all the physiological issues in the modern day. Therefore, regarding the essentiality of the problems to the society, the healthy brain is the answer to all the ideas around the topic, conscious mind drives orality to the organization and also enhances social interactions of the people in the community.

There are a variety of concepts regarding the current psychological issues. The following ideas affect the said current mental problems in one way or another as will be in the following discussion. Aggression always leads a person to feel superior to others, showing their identity thus the psychology agency issue. Activity theory and applied behavioural analysis also relate to the creation of the Psychology issues agency and communalism. Anxiety affects those who are bullied mostly and, in this case, the cyberbullying. The differences in attitudes and behavioural economics are the basic functionalities in the creation of the psychological problem known as the need for power and identity to the community at large. Borderline personality disorder also creates the urge for power and Bullying, on the other hand, relates to cyberbullying. Different emotional categories make one have different opinions on the ideologies of their leaders, and thus this leads to the creation of the majority and the minority groups in the community which is also a social psychology issue as is in the discussion earlier. The therapy for cognitive behaviour is another concept that relates to the problem of psychological agency issue since the different responses from persons lead to different agency form of identification. Imaginary Audience and personality also affect the overall behaviour of a person and can make a person commit a crime. The cyber bullying and biases in confirmation also relate while the defense mechanism and dependent personality, magical thinking, neighbourhood activation model, emotional theory, researcher biases refer us back to the issue of psychology by an agency which shows different forms of identification which in the long run forms the agency of a group or an individual. The stereotypic threat can also be demonstrated to relating to cyberbullying as an issue in this paper; this is for the reason that people responsible for cyberbullying mostly have the stereotype kind of mind. The learning theories, motivation and emotional theories and lastly the validity testing functions to the providence of more information to a person to be able to make his ideas and thus the issue of psychological agency and communism.

The current research on the psychological issues in the contemporary world is comprehensive. This section highlights the emerging trends by the researchers regarding the same. The socio-cultural and the environment are the main contributor to the crimes in African American homes. The suburbanization of the metropolitan areas of Black Americans arguably the leading causes of the increase in the crime rate in the community.

The Possible Resolutions of this kind of crime rate in my perspective is the neighbourhood corporation. The mental health of the community people also needs to be better by doing the exercises and other actions that enhance that. The unity of the community is also a significant concern. The need for unifying the communities around the areas regardless of their different ideas, characters and thoughts is the best way of solving the crime rate in African American Communities. In cases of mental issues, the need of having professional assistance from psychiatrists is also helpful to the process.

The future outlook of the African American environment after integration of the resolutions will be peaceful. The need to avoid the crime rate I the area is adherence to the recommendations of the peaceful existence in the area. Peace, unity, and tranquillity will be the environment of the African American if the resolutions are adhered to, to the later. The power of mental health and communalism will make sure of the calm African American environment.

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