10 Characteristics of a Good Leader in a Free Essay from SpeedyPaper

Published: 2017-11-27
10 Characteristics of a Good Leader in a Free Essay from SpeedyPaper
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What are the Characteristics of a Good Leader

The world is increasingly becoming competitive all aspects of life. Successful execution of an idea relies heavily on great leadership. Such leadership is one that influences others and their actions to be line with the vision set forth. The way people perceive leadership plays a big role in leveraging and being able to motivate others into action. Good leaders possess certain qualities that separate them from the rest, enabling them to achieve great milestones. Both private and public entities are keen on employing the best talent in terms of leadership to enable them to achieve their goals. Small adjustments to one’s conduct as a leader can have a huge impact on the way others perceive them and influence the success of their actions. There are numerous qualities of good leaders with the main ones being leading-by-example, good communication skills and innovativeness.

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Leadership by example inspires others to emulate their leader and do their level best to achieve set objectives. Part of a leader’s role is to inspire who surround them to push their limits and the company as a result helping it soar to greatness (Gaechter et al., 2012). Enabling such an environment requires a leader set the way forward through their own actions that should be in line with their expectations of their subordinates. There are renowned leaders who in their time inspired others by setting an example themselves. A good example is Mahatma Gandhi who was able to accomplish great milestones via his actions. A big part of his adult life entailed leading a life of what he suggested to others. He was a strong believer of non-violent protests in seeking justice. Many Indians emulated his actions through which their country was able to attain independence. Leaders who fail to do what they expect their subordinates to do tend to end up disappointed when the outcome turns out to be the opposite of what they had hoped for (Shaw & Newton, 2014). This essentially connects with second quality: communication.

Leadership Attributes

Communication skills are central to good leadership. Even though one may understand clearly what he or she wants to achieve, relaying their aspirations to others may prove tricky. In some cases one may be met with blank expressions on people’s face when they have spent a good amount of time trying to relay a certain message to them. Such cases call for bettering of one’s communication skills as a leader. A leader who is unable their aspirations succinctly may soon realize that he and his team are aiming at different goals. Training and directing of new members will a tough task for such a leader (Studying the Characteristics of Good Leaders, 2016). To improve outcomes, it is important that a leader takes to time to interact with their subordinates and get to know them better. Not only will such an action improve the rapport subsisting between them, but also help them learn ways of bettering their ability to relay their vision effectively (Feltner, 2008). Good communication skills can enable a leader to lead his or her team through turbulent times by encouraging them and boosting their morale. The team will remain confident and positive enabling them to perform to their optimum.

The final essential quality of a good leader is innovativeness. The group behind a leader usually looks up to him or her for direction on matters that seem complex. As a leader, one is sometimes expected to deviate from the norm offer creative solutions to some situations. Some situations may call for a choice between two bad choices. It is paramount that one is bale able to determine and settle on the lesser evil. Going with the most convenient choice may be unwise at times. This calls for greater thought on one’s choices and possible effect both in the short-term and long-term on the success of one’s goals. Ability to think critically and creatively holds the key to maneuvering through such tricky situations (Goens, 2003). The people under one’s leadership will feel more comfortable under him or her when they see how his innovativeness has helped them get through difficult situations successfully.

Qualities of Good Leaders

Clearly, excellent communication skills, leading-by-example and being innovative are essential features of a good leader. A good leader should be one who is able to assert influence over their subordinates through their actions. Leaders who have done what they expected of others have experienced success in their endeavors. Good communication skills enable a leader to clearly relay their vision to their team and help avoid confusion that may otherwise see people under the same leadership working towards different goals. Interaction with others on a daily basis can help a leader horn his or her communication skills. With great communication skills one can help avoid panic among their team members and enable maintenance of confidence and morale. The third quality of innovativeness helps a leader offer creative solutions to tricky situations that may otherwise lead to failure in achieving set targets. There is a need for all leaders to embrace and acquire the three characteristics to enable them better the outcomes of their leadership.


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