Free Essay Sample on the United States Health Care System

Published: 2018-08-02 01:51:04
Free Essay Sample on the United States Health Care System
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The challenge in the United States health care system lies in the fact that there is an imbalance between the services offered to patients and what is actually needed. Put in another way, the health care system in the United States is overloaded with a lot of services that are unnecessary and non-essential. Consequently, the patient ends up paying for health care services that would otherwise have been foregone (Binder, 2013). Thus, the result is a non-efficient system whereby resources are utilized in non-essential health care services. The health care system’s inefficiency ends in the wastage of resources that would otherwise have been put to good use. Moreover, the health care burden ends up weighing in on the patient who has to pay for services that are unnecessary.

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Although various factions may argue that insurance coverage caters for much of the health care costs, it is apparent that the taxpayer is the one who bears the burden of financing the overly redundant costs of health care services. In comparison, health care in the developed world is tailored to suit the needs of the patients in line with the necessary and needed care that would prove adequate. Hence, proper utilization of health care resources would not only unburden the taxpayer but also assure quality and sufficient care for patients in need of it (Binder, 2013). In that esteem, the premise of the research report is to compare and contrast the excess and unnecessary care that is characteristic of the US health care systems with other first world countries such as Denmark, UK, and Sweden, etcetera. The essence of the comparison and contrast is to establish similarities and differences alike, in evaluating the efficiency of health care through adequate and efficient utilization of resources.


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