Essay Sample on Temporal Structure of the Narration in Vice

Published: 2023-01-18
Essay Sample on Temporal Structure of the Narration in Vice
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Kurt is a factious veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars who narrates Vice (Adam McKay, 2018). The film features the journey of Cheney from a desperate drunkard in Wyoming to a powerful politician in the United States. The movie consists of multiple flashbacks and flashforwards showing that it took Cheney time to flourish slowly and eventually, he became most influential Vice President and dictatorial man in the history of the United States. The narration utilizes several temporal approaches to demonstrate the different stages of life the main character passes over fifty years that the story time covers for instance Cheney who is the 48th vice president of United states is able to conjure the torture, the enemies of the constitution. These events however prepared him for the position that he will go in. The film also shows the life of other characters such as Kurt and Lynne through temporal strategies to demonstrate how they impacted the life of Cheney. Kurt for instance we come to understand that Kurt's working class upbringing, and we see how he raises his family. On the big twist of the Vice we see how Kurt was the one person who donated his heart to the vice president for it to be transplanted. On the other hand and effect of the vice movie is that he Dick got a stern talking.

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Who was her girlfriend and now she is his wife Lynne who was the one who straightens and made things possible for Dick Cheney. The order of plot is also utilized in the narration through flashbacks how Cheney was inspired by his husband to clean up his life and become somebody important in the society. The film successfully gives the viewer the experiences of characters within Vice through strategic manipulation of temporal elements like the duration in which the events happened.

The narration demonstrates Cheney and Lynne successful life in the present through subjective and recounting flashbacks. Moreover, the film uses enacted recounting flashbacks to show how the characters are grateful for their success in life. It also shows how it was not easy for them to achieve it because they had to commit many vices. The narration also employs durational approaches to represent how the lives of characters have changed. However, the narration uses freeze- frames to slow down the rhythm of the movie. Long and short duration shots are also utilized to draw the attention of the audience so that they realize that the characters are concentrated on their past and the thin they passed through to achieve their goal. Flashbacks remind the audience the important moments in the film; for instance, the moment when Lynne is upset with Cheney alcoholism life that she threatens to leave him if he does not change. Therefore, the temporal techniques of duration and order by narration show how difficult it is for a middle-class person without family political background to rise into power.

The use of enacted and recounted flashbacks in Vice demonstrate that Cheney past experience made him rise into his current situation. The film begins with a glimpse in Casper, Wyoming in 1963 where Cheney is in a simple club. He is completely drunk and while betting with other men. Cheney was so much comfortable in working outdoors in the Wyoming when compared to Ivy League. He used to buy a lot of beers with his job as the lineman. He later realized that if he continued on that habit and on that road he was going to a very bad end. He sobered up and he was able to marry his girlfriend Lynn. The film flashes forward where Cheney and other White House representatives are responding to the 9/11 attack in 2001. The temporal structure that life of Cheney has changed tremendously from what the audience first saw at the beginning of the movie. The change of lifestyles from drank hopeless man to a White House official depict the change of time. The film narration shows that the life of Cheney has changed because he is no longer a desperate young man who had issues with alcohol him quitting alcohol gave him the chance to marry Lynn. He was now a better person as well as a good student in the community college of Casper and the university that he was in than when he was in his former school Yale. The duration of the film indicates that it took time for him to become the vice president of the United States. In some cases, the duration represents time shown on the screen because the viewers could not tell the time the movie began.

The temporal gap shows that Cheney is not an ordinary man like the man who was in the car. He has all attention from staff and focused on solving the issue that was a national attack. The temporal gap shows that it has taken long because Cheney is now old. He is in his sixties and when the cop arrested him, he was in his early twenties. The audience realizes that there were a lot of missing events that led to his current situation. He was doing odd jobs indicating that it was in 1963 he was not anywhere close to the White House. However, it became clear to the audience that time ha shifted when the characters are responding to the 9/11 attack because it happened in 2001. Therefore, the flashforward indicates that it took Cheney years to rise into power.

The film frequency clarifies to the audience that the scene is happening in the presidential emergency operations center. As the narration of events continues, there is a flashback in 1963 where Cheney is working as a lineman. The high frequency shows a pattern of negative effects that happened within the lives of the characters. Some events had negative impacts in his life; for instance, he dropped from University due to alcoholism. This was one of the reasons he ended up as a failure in life. Recounted flashback demonstrates Lynne role in the future success of Cheney. His wife becomes very furious having bailed him twice for driving while intoxicated. She compiles him to clean up his life or he would lose her completely. There are several recounted flashbacks as Lynne refers back to the moment her mother was brutally treated by her alcoholic father. She also remembers how her mother lived a desperate life and had to endure physical harassment from her father. The recounted flashback symbolizes that Lynne is tired of her husband behavior and she is worried that if he continues drinking alcohol he may end up like her father. It also illustrates that she does not want to live in depression like her mother and this is the reason she clearly tells Cheney to change. He warns him that if he does not clean up his life, she would divorce him.

Temporal gaps are done by omitting unnecessary details that can be assumed by the audience. The movie then shows a different situation where the characters are in another event. Temporal gaps allow for the audience to make their abstract demonstration of the situation at hand. The audience notices the gap when the characters are in a different situation or environment that is completely different form the one, they were watching. In Vice, the temporary gaps closed quickly by the indication of flashback where the audience learn how the missing events happened. The film does this to avoid misinterpretation of the movie or a situation where the audience my fail to understand important events in the movie hence miss out of the mission.

Although Vice presents all the information needed by the audience to understand the movie, sometimes the movie was suppressed to fit in a short time. For example, some events are shown within flashes of seconds. Vice is comprised of many flashbacks because scenes are introduced by a flashback to a different scene, then back to the scene, the audience was watching. The film tells many events in flashbacks and the style is not consistent because some events are flashforwards telling what happened before time. Frequency is number of times an event is repeated in the movie to create a dipper understanding of the audiences. Successful narration occurs when the narrator explains all the necessary details in image motions. The audience are able to understand what is happening in every event.

Rhythm reduces and expands the duration of events in the film to create a certain intended emotion to the audience. When Cheney joins the White House as an intern, he seems like a stranger, but he tries to act comfortable, the scene is slow and involves less drama to illustrate the change of environment from the bar when he was shouting like a mad man. It does not cut rapidly, and the duration of the scene has equivalence to the duration within the story. The cuts occur when the association between shots controls the pace of the film. In Vice, there is the equal length of scenes that forms a metrical beat. The shots are shots, and this helps the views to understand the duration of events from one situation to another. The views also understand that the events displayed in the film took longer than the given time, but the editing makes them follow each other in a sequence. For instance, the audience understand that it took time when Cheney was in the university to the time he works in a linen company. Likewise, there are short shots portraying 1968 when Cheney works in the White House as an intern. This was also a flashback showing how he was ready to transform into a valuable person after his wife advice.

Vice utilize time manipulation to provide quality of Cheney situations that he underwent in life through the use of enacted and recounted flashbacks. The movie consists of multiple flashbacks and flashforwards demonstrating the time taken by Cheney to become most influential Vice President and dictatorial man in the history of the United States. There are several instances where the movie uses the temporal gaps allowing for the audience to make their abstract demonstration of the situation. Time manipulation in films is done to offer a dream- like quality movie where the story of the main character is told through different scenes. Moreover, time manipulation also makes the film interesting and creates suspense to the audience.

The Vice movie has Cheney who has arrived in Washington where he knew that he wanted to work for the white house official. After that, he picked up the party after he enjoyed the presentation of Donald Rumsfeld, who was a foul-mouthed representative. Cheney, therefore, becomes his assistant and aids him in his activities. In the movie, we see a part where Cheney asked Donald what they believed in. Basing on the true story that was behind Vice; it shows that Cheney is belief in politics was already being shaped and sharpened by that moment. It was known that it was known and well understood that he had been so staunchly conservative in his entire life and it was so absurd to have it in mind that he would have reached what on with nonpolitical affiliation in his mind. Cheney, however, said that in his views on the policy he enormously took the design in college. In giving an example, he had been told that there are various professors during that time that he was in Yale including one of his professors. Westerfield Bradford who is a great way influence on how he was to approach foreign policy.

Lynne was so much supporting Dick Cheney who was ineffective in giving out his speeches during his campaigns for Congress which happened in the yare1978 and that gave him a lot of strain and stress which led to his failure of the heart. He, therefore, ended up on a bed rest, which was a two-week rest; this however led to his jeopardy. Lynne, his wife, had to step in and win over all the crowds who were on support of his husband with her appealing charisma messages. The winning of Lynne Cheney for her husband's seats as one of the sole representatives of Wyoming was an assumption entirely.

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