Free Essay Sample: Introduction to Wellness

Published: 2018-02-24 19:45:23
Free Essay Sample: Introduction to Wellness
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Individual wellness results from the change in a decision in order to achieve optimum health. Sleeping hours are considered to improve the health of an individual. The lifestyle of an individual should favor general health. It is the choice of an individual to plan for his or her wellness. I consider nothing as a prerequisite for my personal wellness. All people should love their whole self. Being challenged physically should not prevent a person from maintaining personal wellness. Everything should be channeled well in life, to avoid stress and promote wellness.

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Getting enough sleep is an appropriate approach for personal wellness. People suffer from inadequate sleep. However, to improve the individual’s quality of the sleep, some physical activities need to be managed well. Work overload should be avoided. Mental activities also should have a limit. Failure to change exhaustion in mental and physical activities, personal wellness will not be maintained.

Each person should manage his or her sleeping hours well, as a behavior change to promote wellness. When an individual improves the sleeping hours, the physical and mental activities improve, because everything is done when the mind and the body is relaxed. Sleeping hours vary from one person to another, with some people spending more hours asleep. However, adults tend to sleep and wake up after some hours, as children hardly wake up at the middle of the night. Eight hours are adequate for adult sleep.

People should spend appropriate hours in sleep to improve wellness; hence, should be encouraged as the best behavior change. Sleeping for too long results in fatigue and should be avoided. In the past, I used to allocate few hours for sleep, and I suffered from fatigue and discomfort most of the time. My act affected me emotionally, since I use to feel irritable. My thoughts and behavior were also affected since I could not concentrate well. My decision of changing the sleeping hours promoted my personal wellness, since I no longer suffer from stressful fatigue for lack of enough sleeping hours.

In conclusion, change in individual’s sleep is important as an example of a behavior change to improve wellness. All people need enough sleep, and should allocate adequate time for sleeping.

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