Essay Example for Free: VHA Innovative Model Analysis

Published: 2022-06-16
Essay Example for Free: VHA Innovative Model Analysis
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Patient-centered medical homes model is designed to achieve sustainable healthcare services and value-based care for the organization. The model presents a complex transformation framework which can be quite challenging to the organization to develop and implement new policies and processes which align with the team members, access, and consistent quality enhancements (Milstead, 2016). Some of the program techniques which can be utilized to achieve the success of the model comprise of participatory approach, activation of resources, transformation and sustainability phase.

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The success of the program is heavily dependent on the engagement of the primary care provider, medical clerk, licensed practical nurse, a registered nurse and most importantly the patient. Through a participatory approach, intellectual decisions can be made to facilitate the transformation of PCMH which fosters quality and activities prioritization according to patients' needs.

Activation would be utilized to ensure that the organization has relevant resources for comprehensive training. The transition to a transformation phase becomes smoother when each understands their influence, responsibilities, and limitations. Moreover, during transformation, the process would remain interactive where all parties have to utilize the tools and develop the progress. Communication channels should be widely accepted, and they should serve to exacerbate tensions which may arise due to dishonesty and other programs challenges.

In the evaluation phase, the program would benefit from performance management with a close outcome monitoring approach (Flieger, 2016). Emphatically, the results should be reviewed regularly to ascertain if the progress is sustainable. Team dynamics which affect the transformation process should be reviewed to align performance objectives and identify the prospective barriers.

Although the patient-centered medical homes are quite beneficial regarding the enhanced relationship with the patients and positive feedback, there are manifold setbacks which the framework has to grapple with in the course of attaining operational model. One of the flaws is communication strategies which most of the time are not fully activated in the organization. For the team to develop trust in the communication process, there should be a well-developed rapport among the members (Ladebue et al., 2016)


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