Essay Example on Ecosystem and Restoration Ecology Effects

Published: 2022-12-12
Essay Example on Ecosystem and Restoration Ecology Effects
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Human beings have the responsibility to understand how organisms relate to each other and to the environment. The natural environment has impacts if its natural processes are altered. Human activities have been increasing with the rise in the population, and of the environmental issues have been mechanisms have been altered. Today the world is experiencing global warming effects. Abrupt climatic changes have been occurring in different countries around the world. Ecology is an important discipline of knowledge in society because it helps students to understand issues related to climatic change and how to deal with the current changes in global warming. In this paper, it is important to address, the definition of ecology, explain the meaning and importance of ecosystem and restoration ecology. It is also essential to discuss how Global warming poses an imminent danger to the world today, the evidence of global warming, the impact of global warming if the problem is not solved and the measures that the people should undertake to mitigate the global warming effects.

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The Earth is composed of both the living and the non-living organisms that coexist amongst each other by sharing the available resources available within the environment. Ecology involves the study of the relationship between the abiotic and the biotic organisms and the environment. Through ecology, it is possible to identify the demographic populations of a given species and the mortality rate, the ability to adapt to the changing environmental conditions. Studying Ecology has various benefits.

Importance of Studying Ecology

Information on ecology encourages environmental conservation. People are able to understand the interrelationship of the various species with the environment. Inadequate knowledge on the ecosystem in the society has caused land degradations and as a result, endangering the habitats of various species and as a result, some of them have become extinct (Science Visualizing Studio, 2013).

Additionally, Studying ecology enhances the sharing of resources. The Earth has limited resources and they can easily deprive if not used properly. Inadequate knowledge of the ecological system has lead to unfair competition exploitation of resources and as a result, they have become limited (Science Visualizing Studio, 2013).

Ecology equips society on how to conserve energy. Non- Renewable energy such as fuel and coil result in environmental pollution. Understanding ecology provides the society with knowledge on a need to consider the use of renewable resources such as solar power as a method of conserving the environment (Science Visualizing Studio, 2013).

Ecosystem and Restoration Ecology

The human activities have resulted in significant degradation of the environment, and it has lead to negatives effects on the biodiversity and the human population. There is a growing need for the restoration of the ecosystem through the sustainable development program that aims to ensure the livelihoods that depend on the environment can be sustained. The program intends to facilitate the recovery of the native ecosystems. When natural systems are able to match with the evolutionary environment, it is possible to prevent further degradation, and conserve the organisms that are at the risk of extinct (Science Visualizing Studio, 2013).

Global climate change has been increasingly challenging as a result of human activities that emit carbon in the atmosphere. The different parts of the word are experiencing abrupt climate changes, and this calls for a need to control the carbon release into the atmosphere.

Global Warming

The climate of the Earth has been changing over time. The current temperatures have increased by almost 1 Degrees Celsius since the 19th century. Records show that, in a period of 35 years since 2010, the earth has experienced extremely high temperatures more than ten times. Additionally, in 2016, the average temperatures were extremely warm since the month of January to the month of September with the exception of June Science Visualizing Studio. (2013).

A lot of heat is stored in the ocean. The heat in the oceans has increased drastically since 1998. New records show that there has been a rise in heat by more than 0.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Accumulation of heat is strong evidence of how the earth temperatures are on the rise. The extreme warmth melts the ice on the land as a result of the sea water level is raising (Shankman, & Horn, 2019).

Global warming occurs because of the human activities that increase greenhouse gases (GHG) into the atmosphere. The industrial revolution has increased the use of fossil fuels that emit high carbon at a high rate. An increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increases the block the heat from escaping and as a result, increasing the temperature levels (Science Visualizing Studio 2013).

Effects of Global Warming to the Antarctica Larsen G Ice Shelf

In 2017, a giant ice shelf that weighed a trillion ton broke off into the Antarctica Ocean. The break on the ice shelf is has raised the ocean level of Antarctica at a high rate. The excessive warmth in the Antarctica Ocean may have been the result of the increased melting of the Ice shelf. The changes in the ice and the water temperatures have a significant effect on the wildlife and the ecosystem that surround the ocean. The ocean is a dwelling place for the penguins. With the changing increasing global warming the penguins' population has reduced at a high rate, and more than 85% of the birds have disappeared. The penguins stay in icy habitats, but with the reduction of the ice in Antarctica, the penguins have migrated (Science Visualizing Studio 2013).

Evidence of Global Warming

The sea level has risen by more than 8 inches worldwide since 1880. The rising tides have been threatening the lives of the people living in the coastal regions. The cases of tidal flooding have been rampant for the last 40years. The tidal waves are as a result of global warming. Additionally, global warming has resulted in frequent heat waves which have negative health effects. The strong heat waves have negative to the health effects especially to the old and the young children, and labors working in the agricultural and construction fields exposed to sunlight. In 2012, a strong heat wave experienced in the United States that caused more than life and adverse health effects to the survivors, the loss caused the massive destruction of property and agricultural produce. Additionally, more than 9 million acres of forest cover burnt into ashes during the calamity (Cereceda, & Graham, 2019).

Repercussions of the Global Effects

The effects of global changes are likely to change over the 21st century and beyond if the necessary measures to reduce the emission of carbon face delay. The research by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) shows that the effects will depend on the level of the GHG gases that will be emitted in the atmosphere over the years.

The extreme temperatures may continue to appear in different periods of time. However, the severity of the warmth is not known but it may have varied effects in different regions within the universe (Concerned Scientists, 2018).

Additionally severe and prolonged heat waves will continue to occur as cod waves become less intense. The increase in the temperatures especially during the summer season will be occurring during the end of the century after every 2 or 3 years. The sea level is likely to increase about 1 to 4 feet by the end of the century. The effects will be caused by the increase in the melting point of the land ice that will add more water into the oceans (Concerned Scientists, 2018). Moreover, the severe summers in conjunction with the high ocean tides could result to the increase in the floods along the coastal regions and it may result in the destruction of property and deaths.

Corrective Measures to Global Warming

The adverse effects call for all nations around the world to take proactive measures to curb the reduction of global warming effects. Since carbon emissions are the main causes of global warming, world leaders should adopt a new way of life that aims to reduce carbon gas into the air. The people should depend less on electricity, coal as a source of power and embrace solar power. Additionally, transport sector emits high carbon into the ecosystem. Governments should encourage people the use adaption of electric vehicles that do not spend on the fuel (NASA, 2019).

Another possible method to mitigate the emission of carbon into the atmosphere is through the sure of legislative laws that will set a maximum amount of carbon for the companies that emit a high amount of GHG gases into the air. The approach has been implemented in the USA where legislatures came up with the Clean Power Plan. However, the plan has faced stiff opposition from the companies that release high carbon content most of the entities have lured the lawmakers to initiate the laws in their favors at the expense of the environment (NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, 2012).


To sum it up, the issue ecosystem and restoration ecology is a branch of knowledge that has helps in reducing environmental degradation. The researchers in the field are able to understand the problems underlying the universe and the possible measures to overcome the adverse effects of the problems. Global warming effect is one of the problems facing the world today. Through extensive research, the ecologist argues that the excessive that may have been as a result of the human activities that increase the carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. They recommend that the world should take measures to reduce the carbon emission into the atmosphere such as reducing the burning of fossil fuels and coming up with laws that can mitigate the release of the GHG gases. If the globe does not implement the recommendation the world will continue to face the adverse global warming effects.


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