Free Essay with a Response to Cross Words by UIW President Louis Agnese

Published: 2019-10-28
Free Essay with a Response to Cross Words by UIW President Louis Agnese
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Indeed words have been noted to cause more harm than good although some may claim or term harmful words as the slip of the tongue. The article about Dr. Louis Agnese regarding his termination as a university president demonstrates clearly that words can be used to both build and destroy and that their strength is at time immense. Although I agree that Dr. Agnese termination was justified, complete termination of his contract was an extremely harsh decision that could have been replaced by other actions such as demanding a public apology.

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Everyone at a given point in life has done something that they regret to date and for Dr. Agnese, it is no different. Notably, human being tends to focus on the negative rather than the positive which may outshine the good actions. It is our weakness to consider the one thing done wrong to surpass all the good deeds. For instance, as the former president of the University, a religious one to note, Dr. Agnese devised a plan that saw the number of enrolment students aggravate (Tedesco, 2016). He achieved this through his words that everyone could afford to join the institution. He also embarked on giving scholarships through the use of local media outlets. The effects of his plan were noted in the increasing numbers of students from 1200 to over 10000 within a span of 20 years.

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According to the article, everything changed when he made racist comments on noticing that the students were not wearing the school colours. Through his statements, Indian red skin colour would count as wearing cardinal red and youre lucky youre black concerned students had written a letter to the news outlets regarding the statements which they referred as racism (Tedesco & Parker, 2016). While responding to the matter, the institution first took an action of paid medical leave to Dr. Agnese before terminating his contract later on claims that the decision was unanimous President Loiuse Agnese fired.

Although I agree the Drs words were rude, foul-mouthed and unapologetic and deserved punishment, its severity was not supposed to be as harsh as terminating his contract. Among the concerns I would rise in defence of my stance on lighter punishment, is that Dr. Agnese helped in transforming the university, and the tremendous growth would be attributed to him (Tedesco, 2016). Therefore, couldnt the board of governors not put this into consideration before making the decision? Besides, is it not the same bible that opine by your words you will be justified not the same as that claiming that we should forgive each other? Forgiveness and repentingMy judgement on the matter is that Dr. Agnese would have been given a second chance characterised by warning on the behaviour recurring. Additionally, I would pose a question to the board of governors that could the former president not given enough time to defend his actions? And also did they ask him to apologize and he refused? Besides, how do we expect to teach morals and ethics if simple but essential values such as forgiveness cannot be demonstrated? The institution is church based and is therefore based on Christianity which forms its core teaching principles such as forgiveness.

In conclusion, we are advised to be cautious of our words as they are capable of causing more harm than good. This is ascertained by Dr. Agnese case whose contract was terminated as a result of foul mouth that concerned students referred to as racism. Although I concur with the institution in taking action against him, I believe that terminating the contract was harsh than reality.


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