Paper Example on Principal Strategic Leadership

Published: 2023-01-28
Paper Example on Principal Strategic Leadership
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Educational is the process of developing one's skills and knowledge to become better in their professions as well as personal development. In a school setup, principal leadership influences the professional development of teachers, which, in turn, influences the quality of services they offer. A school principal plays a significant role in the development of the teachers since they provide an environment that nurtures talents. Therefore, principal strategic leadership influences teachers' professional development because they mobilize available resources to create an interpersonal relationship as well as allowing teachers to develop their knowledge through learning.

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Literature Review

A school principal is an essential stakeholder in educational setup. The article finds out that previous researches support the idea that school leadership influences the performance of teachers. Other factors affecting teachers' performance include the climate in the school, work ethics, job satisfaction, loyalty, and organizational culture. School principals should be equipped with knowledge and skills to guide other stakeholders to achieve organizational goals. One of the most strategic leadership qualities is engaging others in planning to create a collaborative work environment. Besides, managing corporate resources, they directly supervise the learning process, and this leaves them with no option, but to work with teachers and students to achieve school goals and objectives.


The research method the article uses is a descriptive research study. It is the best method for this study since it helps to describe various observed patterns and relationship between the participants. The respondents, who participated in the survey, are schools top management, school principals, and teachers. Besides, the research collected data using interviews, documentary study, and field observations. About data analysis, the research followed three steps, including reduction of data, display, and conclusion based on the results. The study took place in state junior high schools in Banda Aceh, Aceh Province, Indonesia. The research did creditability test in three stages including orientation, exploration, and checking members.

Results and Findings

The results indicate that a principal's strategic leadership directly affects the relationship with stakeholders and professional development of teachers. However, the process of strategic direction starts with scanning of the environment to understand needs, and expectations of stakeholders, especially teachers. Teachers' evaluation helps to understand their knowledge and skills and learning needs.

One of the implications of the research study is that competent school leaders should ensure participation of all stakeholders such as teachers and management board. Also, principals should develop an ongoing evaluation process to measure knowledge and skills of the teachers and their requirements and create an enabling environment where they can develop their skills. However, teachers can achieve this by putting in place strategies that would solve organizational constraints and build teamwork. Finally, the article proposes that principals and top management should put in place strategies to improve pedagogic competence of teachers so that they solve day to day challenges they encounter. They can achieve these improvements by sponsoring teachers to attend higher education programs as well as exchange programs and workshops that would improve their professional competencies.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Study

The first strength of the article is that it used descriptive research method, suggesting the investigator observed their behaviors in a natural way without being changed, and this gives accurate results. Also, the investigation engaged three categories of participants who are top management, principals and teachers. Therefore, comparison of their responses would provide accurate results. However, it does not specify sample size used in the investigation. Therefore, future investigation should increase the sample size to generate a more inclusive investigation.


Strategic principal leadership is one of the elements involved in developing knowledge and skills of teachers. Research shows that principals have a higher influence on the performance of teachers. Therefore, they should develop strategies that influence their skills and knowledge. They should be involved in the day-to-day running of their schools besides supervising the educational process.

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