Free Essay on the Issue of Racial Discrimination in the Workplace

Published: 2019-12-13
Free Essay on the Issue of Racial Discrimination in the Workplace
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The issue of racial discrimination in the workplace has been a topic of discussion for many years. Racism in the workplace is referred to the situation in which some employees are tried unfairly based on their race or gender. Researchers have proved that many organizations in the country experience such issues in one way or another. As such, it is important for the government to establish certain measures that would reduce racism in the workplace. Also, managers should ensure that such practices are not experienced in their organization. Racial discrimination can take many forms which include direct discrimination, indirect, victimization, or racial harassment.

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There are many known effects of racism in the workplace. First, it leads to reduce productivity in the organization since the employees who are discriminated would not perform their work as expected. Employees perform better when they are in a good working environment. As such, when they realize that their efforts are not recognized in that organization, they are likely to be demoralized. Second, it is unethical for managers to exercise racism in the workplace. In that light, it is the role of the managers to ensure that they enforce strict measures to any employees who is found guilty of racism. In most cases, it is seen as a failure of the management to try to fight this aspect in their working place. What is more, it is established that some managers are on the forefront of exercising racism in the work place. As such, the other employees are likely to follow that example since they would be sure that no one would penalize them. Another effect of racism in the workplace is that portrays a negative image to the public. In such cases, the public is likely to lose trust with that organization.

Purpose of the study

Racial discrimination in the workplace tends to have various negative effects on the employees. Stress is one of the effects that racial discrimination will enhance to employees of a particular organization. They are likely to be spending most of their time thinking on how they are being harassed which may have a negative outcome to their health. As such, they are likely to transfer such work stress to their homes. Racism in the workplace is likely to result in conflicting issues between the employees and the management (Alexander, 2012) . In that light, the workers would not get adequate time to concentrate on their job reducing their performance. In most cases, the staff will look for other employment opportunities in the nearby organization.

One of the ways of resolving racial discrimination in the workplace is through changing the organization culture (Marrow, 2011). In most cases, some organizations have cultures that tend to promote racial discrimination. For example, the culture of hiring people who belong to a certain race. Also, the government should be strict to any organization found practicing racial discrimination. The employees also have a role to play by reporting any cases that are related to racial discrimination (Derezotes, 2009). As such, it is essenatil for them to know their rights as workers. The government should also encourage the formulation of various trade unions in the country that will fight for the rights of the discriminated workers. Some employees usually experience racial discrimination, but they are not sure of the right place to reports such issues. They ca not report it to the management since they might fear of being fired from their job. The role of any trade union is to ensure that employees are comfortable in their working environment.

Chapter 11

Historic perspective

For several decades, the issue of racial discrimination in the workplace has been developing adding new clauses and understanding. Manu businesses have been accused of practicing racism which led to their closure. The government, on the other hand, has been very strict to the issue of racism since it is considered as one of the ways that reduce economic development in the country. In that light, States and Federal agencies have established certain committees that overlook the aspect of racism in the country. In that light, any organization that is found guilty of racism is likely to be given stiff penalties. This would ensure that all the organization observes the law by discouraging any signs of racism in the place of work. They should also be strict to any employee who is found exercise racism in that organization. Racial discrimination can be experienced in various ways. For example, by using abusing language to people who belong to a certain culture or religion.Second, study issue

The Civil Rights legislative was one of the public developments in the history of racial discrimination in the work place. The legislative indicated that all workplace should be open up to every citizen (Cyrus, 2013. The aspect of racial discrimination came about as a result of the increased number of immigrants in the country. Most of the Americans believed that such immigrants were over flooding the market making it difficult for the local citizens to get employment opportunities. As such they had to introduce racism to prevent them from getting certain jobs in the country (Perry, 2011). However, the government was clear that it would not deport any immigrant that entered the country legally. In that light, it had to protect the rights of such people since they were frequently harassed.

Each type of discrimination has been regulated using different methods based on the different times of racial discrimination in the workplace. Religious discrimination has received much attention in the recent years (Jaher, 2012). This is attributed to the increased level of terrorism in the world. As such, some people tend to believe that people from a particular religion should not be allowed to join an organization. In most cases, this is experience by the Muslims in the country. Since the 9/11 attack which was attributed to the Muslims as the masterminds of the attack, the government has received various complaints on how the Muslims have been discriminated in the workplace (Lewis, 2012). As such, it had to pass laws that would prevent such issues from further happening in the country.

Each workplace should have labor law that clearly outlines the rights of employees. Also, it is the responsibility of the employees to know their rights and report any incident that tends to violate such rights. The government should also establish agencies in which such employee could easily report the issue of racial discrimination. As such, it would reduce racism in the place of work and the country in general. The fights against racism should be a mutual effort for all the stakeholders involved.


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