Essay Sample on Primary Objective: Residency, Pediatric Programs

Published: 2020-04-27
Essay Sample on Primary Objective: Residency, Pediatric Programs
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I aspire to advance and become a leader in the field of Pediatrics. I am constantly working towards this goal every passing day. Among the things I have done to that effect, aside from gaining the characteristic fundamental training of a pediatric practitioner from among the most prolific of schools of medicine, include working long and gruesome hours, early mornings, late evenings, working side by side with parents and their children just so we can restore that priceless gift of a smile on a childs face.

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Through the American Medical students Association (AMSA), we organized local health fairs and performed eye examinations, blood sugar tests, blood pressure tests, weight, body temperature, and created awareness about proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle. Via the Phi Delta Epsilon, (international medical fraternity in Antigua), I contributed towards working with children to improve on reading, writing, and math skills.

Utter curiosity and awe fascination got me looking into elective clinical rotations in Neonatology and Pediatrics Emergency Medicine. With this knowledge, I was able to care for an infant with all its fragility until it was ripe to leave the hospital. Not only did I care for the child but I was also able to educate the mothers, sometimes shyly inexperienced, on how to care for the delicate bundle of joy, answering their entire questions.

I have a masters degree in medicine from the American University of Antigua, St. Johns Antigua,(Jan 2009-june20015) and a Bachelors of Human Health Sciences from the same institution(April 2010). I am an associate in sciences; health sciences from the American International College of Arts and Sciences- St, Johns Antigua, (sept 2007-dec 2008). I Did and excelled in the United States licensing examination steps 1, 2CS and 2CK in the years 2012, 2013 and 2015 respectively.

I find pediatrics to be the most fulfilling branch in medicine. Apart from contributing towards life at its former stages of development, you get to establish a lifelong bond with the parents as you watch the child grow and mature into a person of its own. Throughout my volunteer experience in Antigua and America, I have come to appreciate the pivotal role that patient care and education plays in medicine. Informing your patients is essentially empowering them.

Over the years, I have learned such virtues as patience, commitment, sincerity, hard work determination, responsibility, professionalism, and etiquette; Values that are seldom found on paper. Working closely with children requires that you empty yourself and become just like them so that you may understand them. Moreover, after examining myself closely, I have come to realize just what I was born to do, just to see a smile on a childs face.

With a residency program, I will be able to train in a healthy atmosphere with physicians who are as passionate to teach as I am yearning to learn from their wealth of experience. I believe this program will sufficiently mold me into a sincerely diffident and esteemed physician. I seek to challenge myself to further my limits, expound on my boundaries and explore my infinite potential. I ultimately hope to contribute immensely towards the field of disease study for the benefit of all humanity. With it I hope to explore different rotations and formally specialize in order to enhance efficiency and expertise. I would like to pass on the education that I was given to my patients so they too can be in control of their health.

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