Paper Example. Work-Life Committee

Published: 2023-04-10
Paper Example. Work-Life Committee
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The improvement of worker behavior is always an important issue to consider in any field of work so that the delivery of service can be improved and taken to a higher level for proper customer satisfaction. Also, the specialists or professionals are essential to the management of the organization because they can be consulted in the process of strategy laying whereby they can offer guidance and assistance in the creation of better strategies for better performance. This proposal aims at advising the work-life committee of Meta Medical Centre on how it can work to assist in the improvement of the worker behavior and general performance of the Centre.

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The Proposal

In the proposal, some of the things considered are how health professionals take part in the implementation of health programs, and the education of the employers and managers about the strategies that will improve worker behavior and performance. Additionally, there are various ways through which psychologists and other health professionals, as well as human resource professionals, can work in making the health and wellbeing of the employees better (Ogbonnaya, Daniels, Connolly, and van Veldhoven, 2017). There are several ecologies, psychology, and philosophy concepts applied by health professionals in performance improvements. Lastly, the proposal suggests an example of a Human Resource effort employed in the improvement of workplace health with all benefits and drawbacks associated with it.

How Health Professionals Work with Managers and Employers

The employees of Meta Medical Centre are an essential unit as far as the treatment of the customers is concerned and the general profit realization of the organization. The human resource management and the employers must give a functional space for the improvement of health for the employees because without the good health of employees, then the organization will not be able to perform (Laschinger, 2017). These are several ways through which the human resource management and the employers of this Centre must work with the health professionals for making the health of their employees better thus improve performance;

  • a.) Human resource management has to write to the employer, informing them of the required health management program of the employees (Lenton, 2016). This touches on the risks that face the workers in this organization and how the risks can be resolved, and the employees are kept away from the dangers of things that may affect their health in the workplace
  • b.) The human resource management writes the proposed compensation policies for any employee who is exposed to a health risk when dealing with patients in the Meta Medical Clinic (Lenton, 2016). There should be binding rules which have to be observed and signed by the employer, the human resource department and the employees of this organization to show that the employee is to be handled in a certain way or compensated when they are exposed to health issues in the workplace
  • c.) The employers must continuously seek guidance from health professionals about the best ways which they can use in their day to day operations in the medical organization to maintain the excellent health of the employees and the general performance (Laschinger 2017). The health professionals will advise on the handling of the patients, for example, at times when there is an outbreak of a disease for the safety of the employees
  • d.) The health professionals should be given the entire role of making sure that the organization is continuously informed about the arising health issues and keep the employees aware of the best ways of dealing with arising problems of patients for the best of their health
  • e.) The human resource bears the entire role of making sure that the employees follow the health advice given by the health professionals to maintain good health and make sure that action is taken on the employees who don't take precautions especially at times of a disease outbreak

Ecological, Philosophical and Psychological Concepts and Models to be Used

There are several environmental, philosophical and psychological concepts and models which are crucial to be used by health professionals, in this case, to make sure that the health of the employees or workers at Meta Medical Center is maintained in a good state for exemplary performance in the delivery of their services. Some of these are;


The best concepts and principles of ecology, which are essential for the professionals in Meta Medical Center, are to encourage learning and broadening the participation of all the parties involved. The human resource, employers, and employees must be ready to work hand in hand and make sure that the continuous learning about the ways they can use to improve their performance (Ogbonnaya et al., 2017). Everyone must contribute their opinions regarding the ways the health of the employees is to be managed.


The professionals working with Meta Medical Center need to incorporate and understand well the five concepts of philosophy, which are happiness, reason, nature, progress, and liberty in the formulation of health management programs and policies for the medical center (Lenton, 2016). This will make sure that none of the employees in this organization will feel offended or obsessed with the policies put in place.


The professionals need to understand the difference between the employees in terms of incorporating and applying new ideas in their job. This will allow all the employees a chance to adapt to changes that are brought about in the organization as far as their health is concerned. This will include how employees perceive and receive changes (Laschinger, 2017). Thus the professionals need to know that the employees may receive the proposed changes and policies negatively and accommodate all that knowing that it will still work in the future.

HR Efforts to Improve Workplace Health

The human resource department can choose to change a specific operation in the Meta Medical Center like do away with the handling of a disease outbreak that poses a health risk to its employees and refer the affected patients to the higher national hospitals which can handle the issue better. Besides, the center can have a limited number of health cases that they can handle and keep off the handling of communicable diseases like airborne diseases, among others (Lenton, 2016). This will affect the organization in terms of profit maximization but will make the organization have better management of the health of its employees and avoid negative outcomes which would affect its performance in the long run as they try to attend to the patients without taking care of the health security of its employees.


The above proposal gives useful guidance on what needs to be considered by the health professionals, employers, HR, and employees to make the health of Meta Medical Clinic employees better and avoid adverse outcomes in the organization because of poor health management.


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