Essay Sample on Sociology of race and racism

Published: 2023-03-05
Essay Sample on Sociology of race and racism
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Racism is the belief that one race is more superior than the other. It is any practice or action that reflects the racial worldview. This paper discusses the reasons that make it hard for white people to talk about racism, as portrayed by Robin Diangelo in the article white fragility. I agree with the article since it is not easy to have a conversation about racism with any person or a group of racist people. They always believe that there are still right and the other group racist. The culture of whites is full of individualism and objectivity.

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In the article, the author explains the occurrences of white fragility, the way it is developed, and how it protects the racial inequalities and the means of dealing with it. He says that whites do not see themselves in terms of racial (Robin, 2018). The whites are taught to see other people's racial matters, not their and thus could not be in a position to sit and talk about themselves being racist, thus promoting racial inequality. This could be overcome by building cross-racial skills, thus being able to sit with the distress of being seen racially. Therefore, whites must accept to face the challenge of accepting their race matter. The opinions of the whites concerning racism are uninformed. When the topic of racism emerges in the middle of a discussion with the whites, the debate is then met with defensiveness, silence, certitude, argumentation, and other forms of pushbacks. These forces are social forces and not natural response and thus preventing people from attaining the knowledge of racial (Robin, 2018). The whites-only try to invalidate their experiences as they are unconvincing to the black people, and therefore they are not social.

However, most of the white does not understand what socialization is and need of it. They believe in individualism. Everybody is unique and stands out from others, even those in our social groups. This has contributed significantly to racism since whites do not understand the need to being together as a group and the way to use what they have as unique to improve the living of the other human. They are good at comparing themselves with others; for example, the productive group would compare themselves with the poor and lack any need of them associating with the poor. Thus would always prefer being around people of their social group. It is, therefore, reasonable to let go of uniqueness an embrace the society as it .this will help in fighting the challenge that whites have of seen as if all racist people are immoral.

I agree with the idea of whites fragility. In the world we are living today, not only the whites are sensitive about the topic of racism, even the people of color. Most people think that when they are discussing them being racist, it is about them being immoral and unwanted by the community. Therefore, just Robin Diangelo suggests in his article; people should do away with the ideologies of individualism and objectivity. For example, being born in a family of wealthy people does not guarantee one a chance of being wealthy in the future. Therefore, one needs to forget about the uniqueness of where there are or come from and live as if they do not know about their background interacting with people from all backgrounds without discrimination of race, age, or color (Golash-Boza, 2016).

However, reading this article has strengthened my existing assumptions and ideas concerning racism. Previously I thought that those people who are always angered and defensive to the topic of racism as a discussion are only being emotional against the issue. Whereas now, I have a better understanding that this is a culture based problem, and they are merely not informed.

The author of the book uses the culture theory of sociology to bring about his mind. Although the author is white, he has observed and learned about the lifestyle and culture of the white people and is challenging them. She is not happy with the culture of the white people when it comes to the ideas of racism. Being a sociologist, the concepts of culture theory sociology has helped him in better understanding of people while at work, and during his service delivery. Reading his work has helped me have a better understanding of the sociology of race and racism since he puts real-life situations and examples in his working. The topic of discussion in his work is all about what we go through in our day to day activities.


Golash-Boza, T. (2016). A critical and comprehensive sociological theory of race and racism. Sociology of Race and Ethnicity, 2(2), 129-141.

Robin, D. (2018). White Fragility: Why it's so hard to talk to white people about racism. Beacon Press, Boston. P 1-15.

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