Free Essay - The Main Points From the Video

Published: 2023-02-14
Free Essay - The Main Points From the Video
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McChrystal (2019) elucidated important concepts that lead to successful performance in life. His main points relate to the creation of strategy and focus on the activities that people undertake. The author engages in routine training that he intends to make him perfect for his army duties. Despite facing several challenges, he persistently survives all the failed attempts by responding effectively to all the new changes introduced during training. Moreover, the practices that McChrystal and others undergo instill confidence in them, enabling them to demonstrate that they are not scared. Hence, they develop courage and acceptance that they have no alternative but to succeed and become the best. The video also narrates how the author displays the highest levels of patience. He learns that he undergoes an inevitable process that has no substitute. Most importantly, the author confirms that all their activities had a central point of coordination at a specific location out of their multiple operations.

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Concepts from Class, Reading, and Discussion

The practice of a culture of excellence is also an important factor contributing to the success of big firms. Through the inspiration of this culture, the organizations can significantly improve their engagement with the employees and making them align to team collaboration that leads to improved performance. Commitment and engaged towards a particular goal lead to the achievement of success in every firm. Similarly, McChrystal commits and continually engages in practices that aim at making him fit for the roles he performs while in the army. He undertakes routine refreshers training and then finally gains the experience of serving in the military (McChrystal, 2019).

Leadership is also another key concept that enhances high performance in organizations. Effective leadership within the firm enables the organization to have a vested interest in the employees enabling the management to develop effective communication strategies with the workers daily. Thus, this initiative increases the level of job satisfaction among the employees, which may translate into improved performance. McChrystal (2019) states that he grew up under the traditional stories of leadership. He learns that soldiers had strength and wisdom and also worked together as a team for success. Again, the leaders must operate under full credibility and legitimacy while handling their juniors so that they create confidence in them about the possibility of achieving success in the organization. Despite the leadership challenges arising in the firms, the leaders should adopt strategies of being transparent and also learning more from the employees by listening to them.

Comparing and Contrasting the Concepts.

High performance in the organization also arises from anticipating change and fostering innovation within the business. Changes taking place in the organization are some of the driving factors to the firm's success. This approach leads to the invention of new ideas used in conducting the operations in the company while at the same time focusing on success. Due to the introduction of new approaches, the firms adopt unique strategies over their competitors. Hence, placing them in a better competitive advantage in the market-leading to their improved performance. McChrystal notes that many people had changed in the military field on how they conduct their practices. He led a force that did not only align with the army requirements but also borrowed techniques from other organizations. Hence, he invented new ways of building consensus and as well as establishing robust mechanisms that help to promote the idea of shared common purpose. Also, the most significant change that helps in the success of big companies is the acknowledgment of changes in the generations over time.


McChrystal, S. Transcript of "Listen, learn ... then lead.". (2019). Retrieved 8 September 2019, from

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