Free Essay Sample on Social Media Enhance Political Campaigns

Published: 2022-07-01
Free Essay Sample on Social Media Enhance Political Campaigns
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On July 6, 2018, Logan Hullinger published an article in the York Dispatch outlining how social media had significantly contributed to the young voter surge in Pennsylvania. Hullinger (2018) highlighted in the article how the Trump's administration has contributed to the increasing number of young citizens, aged between 18 and 34, participating in political affairs such as voting as well as the debate on critical political agenda. According to Hullinger (2018), two things have contributed to this change; President Trump's administration approaches and the liberal nature of youths today. Moreover, the author concurs that regardless of the reason for the young voter influx, their participation in political affairs can be traced back to the existence of social media.

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The sentiments of the author align with the changes in political participation witnessed across the globe. It is true that the number of young voters currently involved in political affairs is increasing. the scenario witnessed in Pennsylvania is an example of a shift that is taking place across the different states. Social media has become a platform where youths interact, get insights, and become aware of what is happening as well as how they are directly affected by political decisions (Carlisle & Patton, 2013; Dalton, 2006). I agree with the author that youths have become progressive and informed, which includes understanding the role they play in political matters through democratic voting processes and engaging in debates. Through the use of social media, sharing of information including political decisions and influence has transformed how youths perceive their political responsibility.

Although Hullinger (2018) presented the reasons behind the young voter influx in Pennsylvania, the author focused on the perception and beliefs emanating from the political antagonists in the United States. The Trump's administration cannot be entirely singled out as part of the reasons why there is an increase the number of young voters in the state. Lobby groups through their sensitization and education programs have played a key role in ensuring that the youths are using the social platforms to understand the world around them, including the political occurrences (Carlisle & Patton, 2013). Moreover, the desire to be part of the positive change also inspire young people to participate in political affairs.


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