Paper Example on What Marketing Entails

Published: 2023-01-09
Paper Example on What Marketing Entails
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Marketing entails market research, product distribution, product development, public relations, sales strategy, and customer support. Marketing is the major Moneymaker that allows activities to take place and significant earnings. It is essential to watch and access any failure and useful measures, while, inventing better ideas. Marketing starts with the aim to satisfy the wants of their customers. Customers have hatred for selling, but they love at the time they buy. Again, marketing is about stimulating activities.

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I will be able to know how the marketing of products mainly helps in transfer, movement and exchange of goods. Moreover, marketing is advantageous in steady rising and sustaining the Standard and welfare of the community (Mahajan, 2008). From a supportive view, there is also a creation of job opportunities for the individual involved in the market structure. Also, marketing can frame as a source of revenue and income. In suggestion, it helps as a frequent basis of vital decision-making.

Product Marketing

Product marketing does not involve all eight market functions. This is all efforts need to research, edge the message and also in promoting a new product in the market and thus ensuring it vibrates with the specific target customer. Product marketer has a variety of range of tasks that are likely used in close collaboration in association with product teams and any other marketing functions. This product market does not involve some of the market functions like grading, financial and also on buying (Lawley, 2007). It's responsible for product touchdown pages and may mean processes like; understanding customers, competitor research, solutions to raising problems, or even beta testing are significant functions of product marketing.

Criticism of marketing a product

First, about criticism, there are many millions of brands of product that need to gain from our saved accounts and this increase our well-being. Through the various function of marketing, it is clear that extra costs charged on the product accompany it. Services such as; buying mainly cause this, selling, transportation, storing, grading, financial, risk-taking, and market information. During this all time of marketing our product some charger may be added to cover the value of the production (Dahl, n.d.). Thus marketing should also be observed as to actions which may be done by nonprofit and business. Every business enterprise should take part in the marketing activity which is very important for a newly produced product in the market structure. Again, for nonprofit business is essential for every step of successful selling and buying of product, and still under market policies. There is a distinction between the cost incurred during marketing while all these functions are the cause of all these financial risks.

The greatness of both sales and production in the market

If selling were so easy, then everybody would succeed at the end of the marketing. And definitely, they don't know because there are some unique sales peoples to do the selling and excellent communication with their customers, so it is not easy at all. This enhances more sales thus making a significant profit from selling a great product. For instance, iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc. In the argument of this, big deals make a great product (Spadoni, 1985). In the market where are more sales this results to an. In the case of this, high sales make a great product. In the market where are more sales this make be due to goods selling them? A market system is capable of offering more deals, thus, depends on the different strategies in the marketplace or platform Example, iPad.


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