Oedipus Complex and the Powder - Comparison Essay Sample

Published: 2019-04-22
Oedipus Complex and the Powder - Comparison Essay Sample
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The author of this paragraph intends to tell the readers what he or she gained after reading the story of My Oedipus Complex. According to the paragraph, the My Oedipus Complex has useful lessons relating to the Bio-Psychology last quarter. One of the themes evident in the article is the theme of love that was gained by the author. However, the love described in this article is weird especially the love of the small boy towards his mother. The boy is said to have a bizarre romantic love for his mother which spreads to the extent of envying the relationship between his two parents. The love between the son and the father was extremely shallow to the extent that the father never bothered to make amends. The emergence of a third child meant that the type of love between the three was set to be ruined thus creating the idea of the Oedipus complex.

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Another important aspect that surfaces in the paragraph are antagonism. The author of this paragraph was able to identify an antagonistic character in the tfather.' The father is said to be the primary barrier of what is expected to be a wonderful relationship between the son and his mother. Aggressiveness is evident in the paragraph, especially when explaining the antagonism of the father.

In another paragraph, the author attempts to explain a better relationship of characters in the story titled Powder. Contrary to the Oedipus complex, in the Powder, it has been explained that the relationship between a father and a son was healthy. The love between parents is not healthy since the two are separated. This results to the two parents fighting for the attention of their son. The author of these two paragraphs admits having enjoyed the story of the Powder as compared to the Oedipus Complex.

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