Paper Example. Social Inclusion

Published: 2023-03-19
Paper Example. Social Inclusion
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Social inclusion is a concern in modern society. It is the issue that affects most women in the world. Women have been segregated and treated as the weaker gender leading to their social exclusion. Generally, the issue stems from the lack of structures that promote the growth of women in professional, social, and academic realms. The problem is very prominent in the developing world but similarly present in the developed countries. Inclusion is a topic that requires affirmative action. For many years, women have been locked out of opportunities in fields like sports and politics. It has taken the intervention of rights movements as well as constitutional amendments in many cases to achieve social inclusion. It is thus important to continue the fight against gender discrimination and achieve a future world where women feel safe and protected in the institutions they serve. They need to feel equal in status and similarly appreciated just as men are.

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Response to Amira Lilley: Chapter 7 Group 2

Affirmative action in the United States is taking a good turn of events. Many women have struggled to keep up with men in different careers since men have always been given preference. Pay inequality in sports is not new to America. The conversation is only being rigorously approached recently. It is a shame that a developed country that preaches a lot of democracy and equality has often looked away when it comes to the issue of women in sports. There is a need for change not only in common sports like soccer and basketball, but women in all sporting events. Women need to be treated equally, just like other sports should cease discriminating based on sexuality. Every American, whether black or white, gay or straight, male or female, should find equal sporting opportunities. The debate on pay inequality needs to end. Sports should be a unifying activity, instead of dividing Americans based on income inequality.

Response to Eric Roubal: Group 3

The trends in collegiate coaching and athletics administration of women are improving. More women are taking up roles as referees and coaches in different sports. Nonetheless, it is still a common factor worth noting that women still find themselves in rather trivial job roles in different parts of the world. The sporting fraternity has not accepted the influence of women significantly. Although more women are undergoing, they still lack the exposure and experience that the male counterparts had. The pay gap still exists in terms of the compensation for male and female coaches in the same sport. It is also the case that in some of the most popular sports in the country, women are hardly accorded the opportunity to be part of the coaching staff, refereeing, or administration. More efforts need to be made to enhance the acceptance of women in sports administration. Having more women in federations such as the National Football League and the National Basketball Association would be a great achievement.

Response to Article 4

Capitalism plays a significant role in society. The role is, however, one of a political nature, as opposed to social inclusion. Generally, sports are being overtaken by a trend in socialism, international communism, and the collaboration of views. Government inclusion in sports is a danger to the foundation of these activities as it conflicts with the concerns that capitalists often have. Sports are being overtaken by political needs such as tourism and diplomacy. Many sportspersons and world-renowned athletes are generally becoming political ambassadors to their countries instead of serving the interests of the sporting community. Sports should be a unifying event, without consideration of race and gender. The use of sports to further political intentions is discouraging. Countries need to distance politics from sports. Athletes should also be true to the sports they play and only seek to show their abilities rather than represent political opinions.

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