Free HRM Essay Evaluating the Hiring Decision

Published: 2022-09-27
Free HRM Essay Evaluating the Hiring Decision
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The Santa Clara County Transportation Agency

Hiring individuals in different Agencies or public and private organizations require the use of high proficiency levels to ensure effective choice for the right candidate who best fit the vacant position. Meanwhile, there should be a balance between gender and race to ensure that individuals from diverse cultural settings are given an opportunity to work for the Agencies or the organizations. Employees from different ethnic backgrounds have distinct levels of skills and qualifications, which make them contribute effectively to the Agencies to improve the overall performance.

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The decision of the director of Santa Clara County Transportation Agency to overrule the interview panelists to offer Diane Joyce the vacant position instead of Paul Johnson can be justified using different concepts. First, the Agency management had noticed that there had been a gender imbalance in numerous job classifications. Women had been denied an opportunity to get educated, and those who insisted on acquiring an education were not given a chance to venture into their profession. Both men and women should be given an equal right to employment. Additionally, women too are qualified and have the expected skills to perform the required job. Thus, the director's decision was valid because there was a need to take the necessary measure in eradicating the gender imbalance that has been experienced.

Evaluating the decision

Decision necessity

Both Paul Johnson and Diane Joyce are career-oriented individuals. The levels of their practical experiences are very high according to the scores that each person attained. Additionally, these candidates indicate adequate strengths for the vacant position.

Nonetheless, choosing Diane to be the best candidate for the job is necessary because it is an initialization process of eliminating gender imbalances in the workplace. Men occupy most of the positions. Thus, giving Joyce a chance is one of the most fundamental decisions that indicate that women too can occupy the male-dominated positions.

Decision feasibility

The decision that the SCCTA director make was reasonable. The director looked at the different ways in which to achieve gender balance objective in the Agency. Assessments of the qualifications were made to ensure a more skillful candidate was chosen. The interview aimed at identifying the best options and the background of each candidate.

Moreover, the decision that was made was aimed at complying with the Civil Rights Act that focuses on providing equal rights to all individuals. The fact that Paul and Joyce were equally qualified, making a decision that is gender-based was the only credible way to fill the vacant positions. Thus, choosing a female was a feasible idea.

Limitations of the decision

One limitation of this decision is that Paul was disadvantaged in getting the position. He had the best interview test score and felt that he deserved the job but could not be given a chance. Ideally, this could be a heartbreaking experience of having qualified for the job, but one eventually fails to acquire the position. Having adequate qualification as well as having a high interview score still does not guarantee one to be chosen as the right candidate for the job. Other essential factors must be considered to ensure that the best decision is made. Thus, ethnicity and gender considerations are factors that limit some of the qualified candidates from official getting a job opportunity.

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