Free Essay with CEMEX Research and Recommended Strategies

Published: 2019-06-25
Free Essay with CEMEX Research and Recommended Strategies
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This paper examines the current position of CEMEX Southdown Inc. and the strategies to move forward.

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CEMEX bought the Southdown Inc. and they joined together to form the biggest and most successful CEMEX.

CEMEX, through all its operations in subsidiaries in all the four continents, is associated and even further engaged in the production, supply, and distribution, marketing and sales of the ready-made concrete which has already been mixed, the aggregates, clinker and cement.

Its stability may influence its growth in many other nations that it has not yet been established.

Initial research indicates that CEMEX has a competitive advantage that is both beneficial to the customer and the company too.CEMEXs culture towards community support and participation and the ethical behavior may be able to build up more support and trust in the markets that they are not yet established.


CEMEX has a rich history of the improvement of the well-being of those that it serves through its endless efforts of trying to pursue innovative solutions regarding the industry and advancements in their efficiency in order to keep on providing a future that is sustainable.

The mission is to serve the needs which are global, of their customers and by building the values for their stakeholders by becoming the most efficient and profitable building material company in the entire world.


The first objective of CEMEX is enhancing position globally, and a reputation as an environmentally and a social responsible resource company committed to development which is sustainable. ,

Their second objective is raising the knowledge and the level of skills of their staff both who are at site and the corporate ones on issues regarding biodiversity, the environment in general and even development that is also sustainable.

In the context of CEMEXs corporate social responsibility policy, they create opportunities, which are additional in order to build links with the local communities through the conservation of the environment. Their other objective is to be able to maintain a leadership role in regards to improved management of the environment and a progression towards development that is sustainable that is within the industry that offers solutions in building.

Finally, they opt to harness the capacity and knowledge of the partnership they have with Birdlife in order to help in the monitoring of conservation that is bio diverse and in mainstreaming towards the development of a CEMEX Biodiversity Strategy and ensuring its implementation in their operations (Justin, 1994).


In order to be able to achieve the mission that they have set forth, they have created a strategy that will propel that function. Their main strategy is to create value for their products and services by being able to build and even manage a portfolio that is worldwide of cement that is integrated, aggregates, ready-mixed concretes and even other businesses that are related. This strategy is accomplished by valuing the people as their main competitive advantage. This means that, their employees is their competitive advantage. Through this they ensure that they hire the best and sharp employees and they take good care of them. Their top priority in this matter is to ensure that there is maximum safety and proper health for them. Their major goal being ensuring that there is zero injuries after each and every day. The professional growth of their employees is fostered through endless training and opportunities in development. They also encourage their employees to speak up their ideas in order to solve problems or rather increase room for improvement (Kotler et al, 2006).

The other core strategic goal is becoming a customer oriented company in the entire industry. In order to be able to accomplish the strategy, they ensure that they get closer to their customers and through this they build relationships which are lasting and obtain customer loyalty. They listen carefully in order to understand the needs of their customers. This is further delivered in their production and services. Through that, they invest time which is considerable and even effort in order to maximize their commercial excellence globally, across all their organizations.

Additionally, the other important strategy which they implement is to pursue markets that offer profitability which is apparently long term. According to their strategy, they only do business in the markets where they are able to add value for their employees, their customers and also, their shareholders. They choose to operate only on the markets that offer profitability which runs in the long-term. Through their asset portfolio, which is diverse geographically, it provides the company with an opportunity for remarkable organic growth and profitable at the same time, over the medium to long term. Consequently, they remain strategic and very selective about where they do their business and they do not just chase growth for the sake of growth, simply (Garcia et al, 1994).

At CEMEX, they ensure that they fully embed sustainability in their business strategy during their daily operations. Their other strategic goal is to ensure that there is providence of building solutions which meet the currents needs of a world that is constrained in its resources, to minimize the footprint which is ecological of their operations and even further, to foster a relationship which is very close with stakeholders who are relevant to them (Justin, 1995).

New Mission statement

The new mission statement is aimed at involving nine major components that work hand in hand in order to improve the general performance and corporate image of CEMEX: The Southdown offer. These components are as follows:

(1) Customers.

The CEMEX management wants them to be the supplier of choice to all their customers ranging from individuals who are building homes for the first time or firms of construction around the globe. The mission is to be able to provide the customers with building solutions that are effective and even efficient, no matter they type of construction project and whether it is big or small. They seek to gradually gain a comprehension that is clear of the needs of the customers and to ensuring that they deliver what is needed in order to be able to meet their needs and demands (Verbeke, 2013).

(2) Products and services

The major products of CEMEX are the basis foundation for the construction of projects of each and every type that need strong foundation and further upbringing. Through their very effective products, construction can now be efficient. The major products include aggregates, cement, concrete which has already been mixed. In addition to that they have asphalt products which are used for technical constructions like the highways. The other products include concrete blocks, concrete pipes, roof tiles, architectural products and even precast products such as the parking curbs.

In regards to services, they communicate continuously and even interact with the customers to aid them in identifying and even implementing ways that are effective to meet their challenges especially the toughest (Lee, 2012).

(3) Markets

Their mission is supporting their CEMEX strategy through differentiating their services and products from all their competitors defining their offerings that have been added value for and further identifying the mechanisms that are required to fulfill our promises in each and every market of theirs. CEMEX is operating in more than fifty countries. Its competing market is LafargeHalcim which is the leading in the market. Around a third of the sales of the company come from its major operations in Mexico. The other quarter they acquire from its plant that are in the United States. A fifteen percent is gotten from Spain and the other percentages which are smaller are made from all the other plants that are around the world. The other markets where CEMEX is competing are in Finland, France, Argentina, Israel, Thailand, Nigeria, Egypt, Norway, Turkey, Haiti, Brunei, Latvia, United Arab Emirates, Costa Rica, Bangladesh, Germany, among others.

(4) Technology

The mission of technology of CEMEX is to give guarantee that their team understands and utilizes technology that is world class in order to ensure leadership that is very competitive in their facilities of production. They ensure to build a market and an intelligence technology competition for the development, appraisal and further, the integration of production technologies that are current and even their improved processes into the company.

(5) Concern for survival, growth and profitability

Their mission in this particular concern is enabling employees to be able to contribute to their business objectives and to achieving their career goals and even their personal goals. It is their job to ensure that the talented employees are placed to a position where their talent suits them in order to be able to execute the business strategy and further envision the future of CEMEX. This particular goal is achieved by developing their employees, placing the right talent in the right place at the right time and giving it the right role and establishing a structure that is robust structures of incentives. Additionally, they seek to ensure a positive work environment that is also safe and fair which has high ethical standards which eventually promote a culture of high performance in turn enabling the employees to perform at their level best (Lee, 2012).

(6) Philosophy

CEMEX has a high code of ethics which they are supposed to maintain at all times. They have core values including collaboration where they are supposed to work with each other collectively. The other value is integrity where they are supposed to act in an honest manner, act responsibly and even act respectfully towards others throughout. They had a leadership value they envisioned the future and the efforts on the services, competitiveness and even excellence. Their beliefs are to propel their value in order to create a working environment that is ethical friendly. In addition to that, the main aspiration of CEMEX is to promote an environment that is guided by high personal morals and maintain a professional environment (Verbeke, 2013).

(7) Self-concept

Their competitive advantage over other competitors in the market is that they have a globalization strategy. They are establishing themselves in many countries in all the continents and are further opening country branches in different nations in order for them to be able to be accessed easily. On the other hand, employees of CEMEX are a competitive advantage and foster an environment for the growth of others, individually.

(8) Concern for public image

CEMEX is responsive to social concerns. They are very procreative and participate in private and public organizations which are engaged in the sole maintenance of ecological balance. CEMEX also collaborates with improvement and design of environmental conditions in accordance to the plans and programs of the company.

(9) Concern for employees

At CEMEX, employees are treated just like a number and there is little concern for them apart from their performance. The employees performance is what is important to CEMEX. Al though, through best performances and continuous improvements, employees receive discounts and benefits to reward them. In cases of potential, an employee is put to a right role so that thy may be able to grow individually and further extends this impact to the general performance of the company.

Analysis of the firms existing business mod...

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