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Kate Chopin (born Kate O’Flaherty) was born in 1850 in a French-Irish family in the American South. Her early experiences were dictated by her upbringing in St. Louis, while her married life took her to New Orleans and Cloutierville. 

Throughout her life, Chopin wrote over a hundred short stories for children and adults, as well as two novels. And while her short stories (inspired by her French contemporary Guy de Maupassant) were critically acclaimed and published in the respected journals, like Vogue and Atlantic Monthly, her first novel “At Fault” (1890) was mostly ignored, while the second, “The Awakening” (1899) was condemned by the critics and the male audience alike. It was considered vulgar and overtly sexual, as the story highlighted the sensuality of the female protagonist.

Kate Chopin’s works, including the ever-popular short stories “The Story of an Hour” and “The Storm”, were mostly forgotten until the second half of the 20th century. Her works were rediscovered in the 1970s, at the height of the sexual revolution, and gained newfound recognition as prime examples of early feminist literature.

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How does Kate Chopin depict gender roles in her works?

Most of Kate Chopin’s works detail the stark differences between the male and female roles in 19th-century society. The author depicts the patriarchal expectations of marriage and childbirth that were stifling and limiting for women. Male characters are usually presented in dominant roles that provide a striking contrast to the helplessness and misery shrouding women in Kate Chopin’s stories.

What are the feminist undertones of “The Story of an Hour”?

While she wasn’t a self-proclaimed feminist, Kate Chopin used this short story to highlight the joyous wonder of a weak woman finally coming free from a restrictive and lifeless marriage. Despite her purported heart condition, the protagonist comes alive and gains strength after learning of her husband’s death. The change in her attitude reflects the utter powerlessness and oppression married women suffered at the end of the 19th century.

What is the core theme of “The Awakening”?

The woman’s independence and bodily autonomy are at the core of the plot. Throughout the novel, the protagonist comes to realize her husband perceives her as nothing but property. So she struggles to get free from the roles the patriarchal society pushed her into. Refusing her husband’s access to her body was Edna’s way of gaining coveted freedom, as was common among the first-wave feminists.

How is marriage depicted in “The Storm”?

The short story depicts a sexual encounter between two ex-lovers who are currently happily married with a storm as a backdrop. And though the plot is rather simplistic, the author seems to highlight the value of passion without compromising the integrity of marital bonds. Despite their passionate lovemaking, the characters part ways without a second thought and are both shown peacefully interacting with their spouses. The story ends by stating that everyone was happy after the storm passed, and the status quo remained.


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