Essay Sample Answering How to Study Effectively

Published: 2018-02-16 09:39:42
Essay Sample Answering How to Study Effectively
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To have the best studying approach one need to first connect with the instructor for any help that may be necessary. Secondly is to create a schedule to dedicate time to complete assignments and make some revisions. The third critical approach is staying organized and have a consistent workplace for studying to avoid interferences. These steps help in creating a study plan, understand the process, time management, note taking and maintaining the studies. When studying I have encountered various problems especially that it is an online course. I have faced personal stress, low motivation, distractions, difficulty in concentrating, lacking the right resources, difficulty in time management and technical issues, in particular with the weak internet.

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To deal with the poor motivation, I first find what is behind my low motivation and find motivational quotes and remember my reasons to study. To avoid distraction, I find the right environment and eliminate anything that may distract me. For time management problem, I make sure I am well organized, and I always keep a schedule. Due to technical issues, my family is there for me and they are always willing to help. Creating a study plan has been the most valuable tool that has helped achieve my goal. I overcome most of the problems by getting into the right mindset and having a positive mental attitude. This has helped me in practicing and developing my memory. The textbook is hard to use in studying especially in locating the right information and then one has to access the library or the bookshop to get them. However, when I find the right textbooks, they have deep content and are more reliable compared to some internet content.

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