Essay Example on Sex and Violence Censorship

Published: 2019-06-26
Essay Example on Sex and Violence Censorship
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The short reading story Nipple Jesus by Nick Hornby is just a humorous and warm story that has a different expression based on the readers personal perspectives in relation to the modern art world. However, the theme of the narrative basically dwells on the irrelevant ways of the contemporary art world in a manner which the kind of art described in the narrative consist of unpleasing explicit content. In addition, the narrator who identifies himself as Dave and a bouncer has a funny character despite expressing his views concerning something or someone using an obscene adjective(fucking) which somewhat is not suitable for the younger readers of this short story. Sexual words are densely used in the composition of the narrative and what an adult reader may consider as unsuitable exposing the content of the narrative to the young readers. On the other hand, Itchy and Scratchy and Marge, is an episode based in Simpson which is an animated television series aired in television series. After watching itchy and Scratchy cartoon, Maggie hit Homer with a mallet on the head which is an indication of violence on childrens television. However, my personal perspective based on both is that censorship should be necessary for the sake of protecting the younger generation from early exposal to sexual and violence.

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According to my view point on the Nipple Jesus narrative, the extent of using breast and nipples to express the perspective of the artistic work may seem not an a big issue in the modern generation but in my perspective it express indecency. In addition, the female nipples should be regarded as sexual organ despite the fact that, biologically they are regarded as the organs that facilitates breastfeeding. Logically, female organs are banned from being shown in public which is not the case with male nipples. Basically, if a man removes off his shirt in a public place no one will notice the nipples unlike the case with female nipples. The main reason for females nipples being regarded as sexual organ is the fact that they are sensitive apart from the act of breastfeeding otherwise when touch they stimulate the sensitivity which cause the sexual arousal in both male and female. It would be much important to censor the part which has used the explicit indecent word in the reading of the short story in respect to the undisputed audience which has different cultural and religious beliefs and also the age. The indecent language would greatly affect a young male reader since his concentration will gradually switch from the reading to further creating imagination of the female breast and nipples at the back of his mind. However, as result the young male reader may be influenced to practicing the sexual act and this is reason why I strongly suggest that censorship would be necessary.

On the other hand, Itchy and Scratchy and Marge an episode in the popular Simpson animation series which is normally watched and like children should also be censored for showing violence. For instance, when I was growing up, my brother, neighborhood friends and I used to love watching wrestling the popular WWE and also playing together. Most of our time we spent together we were always glued on television and after watching WWE we could to play and practice what we have watched in wrestling. Unfortunately, my brother broke my arm while trying to pull a wrestling stunt and it caused my folks to spend a lot on my treatment since it was fragile. However, coming back to Simpsons episode, Maggie hitting Homer with a mallet on the head depicts violence and therefore that part of the act should be censored since it is not suitable for children to be watching violence otherwise the consequences shall be unbearable.

In conclusion, censorship is necessary on both based on the concern of the future generation which should be protected from indecent items. Based on my belief, good morals should always be taught from the early childhood life and the feminism sexual organs should be respected and constrained from public.

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