Effective Communication Skills Bibliography Example

Published: 2022-02-16 08:46:34
Effective Communication Skills Bibliography Example
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Mahajan, R. (2015). The key role of communication skills in the life of professionals. IOSR Journal of Humanities and Social Science, 20(12), 36-39.

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In this journal, Mahajan discourse the essence of developing effective communication skills in career development. According to the author, today the world is very competitive and acquiring adequate knowledge about a technique and other field related skills is not sufficient to sustain one in the business world. Communication skills have emerged as a vital tool in life's' of professionals in a different specialty. Mahajan gives an illustration of an engineer and the expectations multinational companies have from their employees in relation to business and clients' needs. The journal illustrates the importance of developing effective communication skills and highlights motivation, the impression to clients, morale, decision making, and conflict resolution as some of the accomplishment a business achieve by having effective communicators in their workforce. Likewise, Mahajan has outlined tactics a business should follow to form an effective communication channel in their workplace. Through this journal, it is evident that the success of an employee deeply depends on the effectiveness with which he or she absorbs and convey information to other stakeholders.

Thompson, Neil. Effective communication: a guide for the people professions. Macmillan International Higher Education, 2018.

In this book, Thomson gives a reflective overview of informed practices that are rewarding, ethical and effective towards continuous professional and personal development. The author had a view of social work, nursing, education, leadership, and management encounters while writing this book, which is also some of the basic social careers in society. According to Thompson communication is one of the elements that bring individual and societal changes especially through learning aspects of dialogue. On the other hand, miscommunication lead to distress, disappointments, and conflicts. Therefore, disseminating the right information, at the precise time, and through appropriate channels is pivotal in creating unity, high performance, and satisfaction. Through various chapters in the book, Thompson has affirmed that effective communication can make a difference between failure and success, conflict and collaboration as well as stagnation and progress in both business and personal life. Lastly, to learners, managers, and employees this book can be a guide in developing a sound foundation for knowledge and skills in communication.

Fleisher, Craig S., and Babette E. Bensoussan. Business and competitive analysis: effective application of new and classic methods. FT Press, 2015.

The authors of this book gave a priority to business analysis and its competitive advantage in the diverse economy. Fleisher and Babette give a guideline on the way an organization or business can turn data into insight essential in the decision-making process. They also demonstrate the application of methods and approaches that help generate recommendable decisions. In chapter four of this book, the authors have widely expounded communication analysis where they discuss the art of effective communication, packages used to deliver messages and common products used by analysts to access performance of a business. Given the level of competition in the business world and the growth of digital communication and information technology, they are numerous channels people can communicate to various stakeholders. As a result, prosperous firms in the economy tend to integrate communication with strategic organizational objectives. Therefore, this book is of great importance to entrepreneurs, leaders, managers, and employees in modern society who have a variety of mediums to convey their data and analysis both external and internal information to retain a competitive advantage in the market.

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