Free Essay Example on the American Constitution

Published: 2019-11-06
Free Essay Example on the American Constitution
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The American constitution has gone through significant amendments since its inception, and it is through such that the foundation of the rights of its citizens is well displayed and explained. America is termed as the Land of the Free in some quarters hence some individuals or groups use the amendments to their advantage or progressively. This article delves into the various aspects and dimensions that college students in the United States are taking advantage of the various amendments, specifically free speech, to suit their views and opinions at the expense of others, which ought not to be the case. I will also touch on amendments that touch on criminal justice.

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Free speech is very core in the American constitution and is mainly emphasized in the first amendment. According to the United States Courts website, American Supreme Court has struggled to define what it entails though it could imply the right of not speaking, usage of offensive words and phrases to pass political messages, to participate in symbolic speech, etc. It is for this reason that Megyn Kellys youtube video tries to analyze how students are taking advantage of the rights attached to this amendment to protest over what they perceive an infringement on them when some individuals or sections of the population want to practice this right as per the law. Students protests were taking place when they were challenged on how they put into practice this amendment. It is for this reason that I realize that this amendment has no protection to the minorities or individuals who stand up for the letter and spirit of the constitution hence protests occurred to oppose such individuals. This was clearly shown when hatred was on the rise after the September 11 attacks and students opposed anniversary celebrations in colleges by claiming that they created non-right perpetrations, firing of Harvard and Missouri college heads for standing up against the machinations of students and also harassment on visiting Professor Dershowitz at John Hopkins University. Some of the court cases that were relevant to this amendment were: prayer in public schools-Wallace vs. Jaffree, 1985, sedition and imminent danger -Debs vs. The United States, 1919, fighting words and the hecklers veto -National Socialist Party of America v. Village of Skokie, 1977, etc.

The criminal justice system and perspective was greatly affected by the fourth, fifth, sixth and eighth amendments in terms of right to be secure in ones person or house against illegally unwarranted searches-fourth amendment, not being answerable to capital crime unless on presentment of a jury-fifth amendment, right to a speedy criminal trial, fair jury and attorney representation-sixth amendment and that excessive bails, fines or cruel or unusual punishments imposed on criminals-eighth amendment.

In summary, each individual ought to respect the rights of each other. We ought to be courageous enough to stomach the rights of other people, especially those expressing the views of the minority. Students in higher learning institutions should learn to be tolerant of views that are contrary to their liking and are best advised not to take advantage of their numbers and gray areas of the constitution.

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