Managers' Skills Essay Samples

Published: 2018-02-19
Managers' Skills Essay Samples
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Skills of a manager

Work experience is a valuable opportunity to everyone. It gives one the chance and opportunities to viewing the work place in a different perspective which would not be able without the experience. I have been able to gain a lot from my work experience. My work experience has enabled me to have five major values.

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To begin with, it has made it possible for me to conduct interviews. I am confident in answering intetview questions both online as well as face-to-face. The apprehension surrounding the interview always gives me the courage and motivates me to conduct it in a considerable manner. This moreover prepares me both psychologically and physically to do research on what am about to answer. Through the several interviews I have been through I have gained the skills on how to handle them in a professional manner. Although, this skill i have gained might sound somehow pointless, I feel i can fit anywhere in the field of work. Answering of interview questions means a lot to most of the interviewers or employers. Therefore through my experience as well as the ability to conduct interview professionally, am confident that this preparedness will be so useful in future.

Able to work well with deadlines. As i am conducting this essay test, am writing considering a deadline. Every kind of a job has a deadline. Therefore deadline has been a major skill I have gained through the experience I have gained so far. Through the online academic writing, considering deadline is one of the most important factors to consider. Every assignment comes with it's specific deadline therefore as a writer, I have been so conversant with the deadlines. Prioritizing is one of the key points to ensuring that you keep the deadline. This is a basic skill that is applicable everywhere be it in jobs or even in schools. Moreover, deadline goes at hand with the standard or quality of work produced. Therefore when considering deadline, I usually consider the quality of the work am producing and always ensuring best quality.

I have also gained perseverance, determination as well as ability to resolving problems. It is always easy to give up on something that doesn't work as planned or doesn't bear fruits. But by interaction with different people from different races and tribes, I have been able to gain the main skills. That is, perseverance and tolerance. Also you might find that some of the people am working with in the same field have completely a different idea from the one i have. Therefore it would only take tolerance so as to attain the common work goal at the end of the day. Moreover, I have been able to learn on how to resolve problems. Sometimes I find myself right but I have to resolve the problem professionally so as to keep a condusive working environment. Determination on the other hand is also a key skill I've learned from my work experience. Even if the task am working on is hard, i usually search for my inner perfection and try solve it my level best.

I have gained the skill to learn from my mistakes. It is normal for everybody to make mistakes. The problems is how different people view their mistakes. Some accept their mistakes and move on while it becomes hard for others to accept their mistakes. Through the experience and skills I have gained so far, i have learned that making mistakes is normal. The important part is that I accept the mistake and not to try the same mistake a second time. I also ensure that i tell the person about my mistake and this helps me forget about it and not to repeat the same again. This skill has a lot of advantages. When I make a mistake on a student's paper, I usually feel bothered until I solve that issue with the student and what is right. Learning my mistakes has helped me must avoid simple mistakes in my career as well in my day to day activities.

Good manager skills

My work involves dealing with people's future life. What I do today might construct or deconstruct other people's future lives. So far, I have been working for the last 15 years in the same industry. Such a great working experience comes with many lessons that I have learned; some from my mistakes and others from my colleagues mistakes. First of all, I have learned the to always uphold integrity in my work. Whenever I am handling my customers' work, I do with with utmost faith and goodwill. I always do my best, even if that means going an extra mile beyond customer's limit or burning some midnight oil all to make customer's work perfect, in the best honesty manner possible.

Another crucial lesson that I have learned is to meet the deadlines. Deadlines mean everything to my customers. Sometimes, if the customer's work gets late for just one second, then his/her effort regardless of how nice the work was means nothing to them. With that, I have always followed a specific strategy of meeting customer's deadlines. Since my priority is customer's satisfaction, I only work on the work that I can handle best. Then, I always confirm with the customers all the details to ensure nothing has been left out. Finally, I confirm the availability of all the materials and resources need to complete the customer's work to avoid last minute cancellation of the orders. This strategy has proven fruitful because most of my customer come back looking for my services.

The last lesson that I have learned is the significance of constant communication with the customer. Sometimes, a customer will assign me a job that will take many days to complete. In such cases, I strive to communicate with the customer everyday, informing them about the steps I have made, the progress of their work and also show them my progress so that the can chip in their ideas. I have seen this last strategy work so well that my working is always enjoyable because I involve the customer and the can see every step that I am making.

These three lessons have always always lured the customers to come back for more of my services. These are the lessons that every person working in my industry should embrace.

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