Definition Essay Example - Help and Bridge Terms

Published: 2022-09-09
Definition Essay Example - Help and Bridge Terms
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Term: Help

Denotative meaning: giving assistance to someone in a task they are working on or assisting them to get out of a troubling situation they are in. For instance, assisting a drawing man by removing him from the water can be referred to as helping.

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Connotative meaning: Getting medical assistance from a qualified therapist/doctor. It is used to indicate the need for expert intervention because of a certain problem that someone is experiencing. For instance, if someone is found to be an alcoholic, they are asked to get help which refers to phycological medication and therapy.

The etymology of the term: The term help originated for the 1900's when it was pronounced as "helpen" in the middle English and "helpan" in the olden English ("the definition of help," 2018).

An anecdote to help illustrate the term: With the social media obsession that people have these days, people are capable of watching people suffer or get into an accident while they record the incident instead of helping them. This is true because we once found a couple that was recording two children who where fighting in the street, however, the most reasonable thing to do in such a situation would be to stop the fight and helps the children come to an agreement. But for the couple, the fight was an incident to record and post to the social media.

Compare the term to a similar concept: A term that is similar to help is assist. The word assist can be used in place of help in many situations. However, assist is mostly used in situations that do not involve accidents or situations where someone would be harmed if he/she is not assisted. Help, on the other hand, is mostly used in situations where someone is in danger and needs to be saved.

Term: Bridge

Denotative meaning: A bridge is a construction that connects people from one point to another. A bridge can be used to cross a river, cross between building or other structures.

Connotative meaning: The term bridge can also mean to bring together depending on the context it has been used, for instance, the statement "bridge the gap between the rich and poor" would mean to bring the rich and the poor together financially.

The etymology of the term: Terms origin is dated back in the 1000's. Before it evolved to bridge, it was "brigge" during the era of the middle English. Before that, it was "brycg" during the old English age ("the definition of the bridge," 2018).

An anecdote to help illustrate the term: we had a problem getting to the other side of the river, in order to get to the other side, we had to build a bridge that was strong enough to carry our car. Unfortunately, it wasn't strong enough, and the car fell into the river. But we were lucky because the river was too shallow, the car could not sink, we discovered that it was possible to drive the car across the river without a bridge.

Compare the term to a similar concept: a word that can be used in place of the bridge is a bond. Bond means something that holds people together emotionally. Similarly, a bridge can be referred to as something that brings people together. The difference between the usage of the two terms is that one expresses something that holds people together while the other express a means to get them together.


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