Free Essay Sample on Public Health Issues

Published: 2022-07-15
Free Essay Sample on Public Health Issues
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Several public health issues face some communities. The issues are calling for an immediate address and suggestions of possible measures to control such epidemics. In this case, I will focus on an issue that I believe is becoming common in my community. It has been discovered that the number of infants who die after birth is on the increase. Various cause of the issue is becoming unclear. The video that corresponds to the issue that I chose is When the Bough Breaks.

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The video reflects on the substantial number of infants identified dead before one year of age in the United States. The numbers show an increased value in the in the US when compared to other countries. The video shows a higher number for the African American living in the States when compared to the white Americans. Even the black women that are well educated perceive birth outcome which appears worse than the white women with little education. How the infants die carelessly is a big issue in the video. The possible causes of such deaths is believed arising as a result of some factors. There are many different causes of such infant mortalities. The primary cause of infants in the US appears entirely different from other countries around the world. Additionally, the most common factors that cause infant mortality in the States in the first weeks varies with those that happen after the first year of childbirth in other countries.

I believe this is an issue that requires an immediate address in my community because research reveals an increasing number of reported deaths. The number of infants that have been reported dead before the end their first year of birth is on the increase. I believe the issue begun as a result of variation in classes. Just like as the video has shown how the Black women have infants dying at a higher rate, I also believe that instability in financial matters is the main cause that resulted in an increasing number of deaths. When compared several decades that have passed, there is a clear picture that the main cause of infant mortality have change. In 1980, for instance, such factors as pregnancy complication, low birth weight, respiratory distress syndrome and birth defects were among the leading issues that were causing such mortalities. Such factors properly were the leading because there was insufficient fund to manage the factors. This is evident in that with the improvement in the treatment of respiratory distress syndrome for instance in the current generation; there has been a decline in the number of deaths as a result of the method of treatment.

The issue is, therefore, calling for an immediate address to protect the community. As so far as public policy is concerned, there is some most appropriate solution to child mortality that may be applied. It has been known that the four most appropriate and inexpensive methods can be applied to lower the rate of child mortality. The methods are growth monitoring of the infants to detect their malnutrition. Breastfeeding as the first method is believed being the best as it provides the best food apart from the provision of strong immunity that prevents infection in the first months of birth. Also, there is oral rehydration and the widespread immunization of infants to prevent some significant disease that kills infants. Additionally, improvement in the female education concerning infant mortality is also the best method of eradicating child mortality.

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