Essay Sample: My Personal Philosophy of Nursing

Published: 2018-03-23
Essay Sample: My Personal Philosophy of Nursing
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Nursing philosophy is the character and certainty towards life that governs the nurse's code of conduct, and these beliefs, and code of conduct will influence their decision. According to me my personal philosophy of nurses is guided by the belief I have towards the word of God. As a nurse, you have to care for others more than you care for yourself. The work of a nurse it to care for the patients who are so in need of their help and they should also have a positive effect on these patients during their hard times. I believe that nursing is like a call and more than a profession. Ideally, being a nurse is a character by itself. The majority of people views nurses as healthcare experts. This is because whenever there is a crisis in the community concerning health, they are being called upon to offer their expertise. Most importantly, these nurses can leave their families at home and report to work in case of a disaster strike the community and people got injuries.

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Although this perception is accurate, a nurse is not only concerned with treating physical pain or injuries but the whole being. It is important to recognize that nurses are addressing physical, mental, spiritual or social challenges that face the humanity. In this sense, therefore, they should demonstrate flexibility in their jobs, in addition to being able to adapt to new ways within the healthcare system. A nurse should have the knowledge of human anatomy and philosophy, pharmacology and pathology. In this way, they will be transformed into people who will be willing to learn all through their lives (Nolan, 2015).


Nolan, C. (2015, February 18). My Personal Nursing Philosophy. Retrieved from Linked In:

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