Report Sample - Unveiling Social Dynamics: Class Divides, Race, and Economic Perspectives in the US

Published: 2024-01-07
Report Sample - Unveiling Social Dynamics: Class Divides, Race, and Economic Perspectives in the US
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1. What kind of class divides do you see in the US today?

I see various classes that see the United States as isolated today: the working class, the lower class, and the upper class. Everything depends upon the types of jobs available and the fundamental influence of social classes (Crapo, 2013). I concur with that since I see this consistently. The upper class and the lower class have various points of view. Multiple analysts have discovered that the upper class is bound to clarify others’ conduct by speaking to internal qualities and capacities, while lower-class people note conditions and natural influences (Hutson, 2014). The lower class sees life realizing that regardless of what foundation you originate from, you actually may wind up working in drive-through joints.

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2. How are race, gender, ethnicity, and other variables that we have covered in the class related to class?

Race, sex, nationality, and different factors that we have canvassed in the class are connected because; numerous individuals feel that you should have a specific race, gender, or ethnicity to have the option to get certain occupations. A few works are out there in the United States that would not enlist women since they feel that the activity is for men or a few careers will not enroll individuals because of their skin color. If any occupation attempts to dismiss you in light of your race, sex, religion, or ethnicity, one could seek legal assistance, and outcomes will be authorized.

3. How do different economic classes view each other, according to the two articles you read for this discussion? Do you agree with the authors of these articles? Support your position with information from credible sources.

In the wake of perusing the two articles, I found that the diverse financial classes see life and each other differently. The upper class feels that regardless of what they believe, they will be influential and wealthy since they are more informed and strive to get to where they are. The lower class feels like that regardless. Although they are still buckling down throughout everyday life, the upper class will consistently be superior to them. The lower level moves towards the administration for help and dependability; however, some of the time, that is insufficient. I do concur with these creators since I feel they hit everything perfectly. I particularly agree with Jabber’s article that police brutality is a significant issue by all accounts dependent on race. There are considerable indicators that dark guys will get pulled over quicker than any white guys. I do trust that one day there will be an adjustment in this example.


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Crapo, R. H. (2013). Cultural anthropology. Bridgepoint Education.

Hutson, M. (2014, January 3rd). Social Darwinism isn’t dead: Rich people think they really are different from you and me. Slate.

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