Art Essay Sample Describing the Fervor Photo by Shirin Neshat

Published: 2022-08-22 05:45:13
Art Essay Sample Describing the Fervor Photo by Shirin Neshat
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Title: Fervor, 2000; Dimensions: 56.8x45.4cm; Gelatin silver print

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Shirin's work seeks to depict the predicament of Muslim women and their potential which if worked on with resilience will help in leveraging their legal equity. In the wakening call of women to their rights, she's an activist to the Muslim world to women to loosen their societal chains. It is uncustomary for the outstanding woman with a white in the picture to behold the camera when all others have their heads kept low. The sharp demarcation of the black chadors separating the men and women during the worship service cannot prevent her from exploring new fields. In this image, there is a juxtaposition of characters. This is mixed with mirror printing by Neshat to produce a visually captivating maze.

The elements of design used here are color, form and texture. Neshat uses monochromatic color in her picture of black and white. The development of the theme in the picture is aided by the colors. We give the focal character who is the woman much attention than we would if it were a multi-coloured image. Use of form as an element for this artwork is important in interpreting the photo. The 3D aspect is easily grasped and we can get it simply that in the picture are people who are seated side by side. We can estimate the size of the room they are occupying and the occupants too to help us tell the kind of activity they were doing. In our picture, we can tell easily that the Muslims are certainly conducting their prayers, most likely in a mosque.

The picture is so fine and smooth. The illusion we develop with the texture of the picture is key in making us tell the fabric of people captured. The floor too looks smooth and very flat of course. It is possible to tell that the clothes used are neat, comfortable to wear and suitable for such an occasion.

Many principles of design have been employed in producing the picture -balance, contrast, unity and focus(emphasis). The moment our eyes settle on the image, there is an interesting feature that catches the eye- the woman beholding the camera. When all others are looking to the front, she faces the cameraperson. The import of having a unique focal point is developing the theme and purpose of the art work. It evokes questions to many of the reason the artist design it to be so. This woman in the picture represents the unconventional path a woman will take in this century as far as gender and legal equity is concerned.

There is a balance in the image of our consideration. The person ni the picture separated by the chadors are juxtaposed against each side of gender. They have uniformly occupied the room and the them color of black and white makes the picture look simply good. Everything is closed packed and correctly presented to bring out unity.

This is a representational work, taken in a mosque when the Muslims are conducting their prayers. Every time we encounter art from the real world, we immediately read what it is saying beneath the surface look. There is no need of lengthy exposition to place it in its context since there is no code in the picture. It is simply what we are seeing.

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