Essay Sample Describing the Organizational Structure of the Teamsters

Published: 2022-09-21
Essay Sample Describing the Organizational Structure of the Teamsters
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The establishment of a union at any workplace is to give members the power to firmly defend their rights and experiences which are deserved and sustained by the same workers. The formation of such unions should focus on various facets which are friendly to the members which include but not limited to structure, membership, resources. Teamsters has a membership of 1.4 million individuals. Being one of the largest labor unions in the world, Teamsters organizational structure presents different challenges to its members. Particular challenges can be keeping the members motivated, focused and handling diversified groups of people. As such, large organizations should be design it structures to present a comprehensive approach in which all members are served as per their membership without prejudice.

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Teamster is the most diverse American Union and to join one has to be employed and should sign the Union Authorization Card. After which the new signs are sent to National Labor Relations Board where an election is organized. They are termed as Warehouse Champions for Freight drivers and workers because they are like drivers who move towards a targeted growth for America people. The union represents anyone who is working in any field from zookeepers to educators. Upon joining the union some bargain starts over benefits where the wages, as well as working terms, are highlighted. The organization is committed to upholding the voice of its members through the vote and full representation. The voting process is through secret ballots.

Apart from the benefits, Union's security and wages, the management of Teamster is always committed to handling matters of additional services due to the capacity and capability of the membership ("Teamsters Structure"). For instance, they are a voice of negotiations to champion for better service terms like for the financial, medical and legal resources. As such, it facilitates the progress of Teamster members and offers them good returns. The organization avails quite a lot of benefits which in the long run enhances the success of its members in their loan programs, life insurance, and health care plans, real estate and legal services as well as relief and disaster services.

Correspondingly, the main aim of the Union is to secure ideal contracts and safeguard their interests according to the provisions of the same. Usually, one of the shop stewards who comes from the team member's group is selected by the union to help enhance operations ("Teamsters Structure"). These shop stewards help resolve issues which are first received from the members and sometimes they refer such matters to the business agents.

In my opinion, Teamsters' structural organization is quite fundamental in the success and progress of its members. Its coordination with the national contract helps members secures ideal negotiations grounds devoid of political influences and actions. The training of the stewards, the officers, and the group members offer them with life skills to tackle challenging situations. The appropriate pieces of advice and assistance from skilled negotiators, organizers, auditors, health personnel, communication experts and attorneys build the team members confidence in handling their activities with the utmost professionalism.

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